Would like you to make a few (max. ~5) screenshots of Keyboard layouts (US Extended)

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    In System Preferences (or what do you have in Mavericks), first poster willing, please upload me the following few screenshots:

    1- Standard US layout (current; no modifiers); yeah, this is an obvious one, strangely, I was not able to find a legit, readable version online.

    2- US Extended layout, no modifiers

    3+ US Extended layout with whatever modifiers give additional keys. The two default ones are Option and Shift+Option. But the guy in the Apple Store pressed an - unknown - modifier which produced difference in a 0 only on the very top left key (though on an ISO keyboard; I need ANSI). So, in minimum, I need 2 screenshots here, Option, Shift+Option, plus whatever else is out there.

    Please do one from a physical US Keyboard - ANSI, not an ISO. If you have ISO keyboard, you can do one as an extra for the common benefit - to see what is different. But I need the ANSI, first and foremost.

    Reason: I want to befriend with this layout first on Windows

    Truly appreciate you folks!
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    Apr 28, 2014

    We have now 1st screenshot of the bunch:


    However, the support page you linked only shows physical keyboards, no word there on the US Extended layout or any additional optional diatrics you can have on US Extended (w/ Option, Shift+Option, and what else?). I am looking for that; especially. Thanks.
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