would this be a reason for severe battery drainage?


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Jun 8, 2011
hi. thanks for reading. if i'm in my building at work on a high level floor, it constantly switches from 1 bar LTE (pretty much non-existent) to no signal to full four bar 4G and then back again to 1 bar LTE. it's like it does not know what to do, stay on a very crappy LTE or a good 4g and it keeps going back and forth all day so many times i actually have no signal since it's on a LTE that doesn't really work in my building.

is this cause for severe battery drainage? i am losing battery on standby quickly.

also i know i can turn off LTE but i just wanted to know if this is a cause.

*also it's a nusiance to turn off LTE every morning at work then turn it off when i leave but i realize i may have to do this.


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May 31, 2010
Austin TX
for some reason when i came to work today i am getting 3 bars lte constantly.

before it was 2 usually.1 sometimes..

but just having 3 bars is making my battery so much better vs 2 bars.

i hope my connection continues to stay constant like this
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