Would you be more excited for Apple Watch if it was actually revolutionary like this?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by markusbeutel, Oct 22, 2014.

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    I'm not sure what you meant by "actually revolutionary" since its interface is old and doesn't look anything revolutionary.

    Maybe you meant the curve wide screen? And light weight? I don't think those technologies are here.

    What I would be more excited, is if Apple demo how intuitive the current :apple:Watch is, like Steve Jobs loved to do. Like showing you can see the watch just by lifting up your hand, then swipe it to set Timer and/or Stop Watch, then if you want Countdown clock just another swipe. And if you want to go back to the watch just press the Clown. Simple things like this for watch, fitness and communication will make me excited. Too bad Apple demo was just rough.
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    Not in the slightest...i think that looks horrible. I was really glad they didnt go down the line of some of the concepts that were based on things like Nike Fuelbands. Moving people to smartwatches is going to be an issue anyway as some fill find them geeky etc anyway so making it look completely out there like that will only make it more difficult.

    It also, in my opinion, cuts down the times you can actually wear it. Whilst that may look ok in the gym, out running or other fitness type areas it wouldnt look right paired with office or general going out attire.
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    I need to point out, the problem you will have now posting such a image or trying to suggest some design is that NOW everyone knows the design.

    Since Apple's design in now known, and accepted, it's deemed correct by many here.

    Whatever you post, if people say yes that's great, that's what it should be like, they are in effect saying that Apple's design is wrong, and it should look like something else.

    Hence you are never going to get anywhere.

    If I put this another way:

    If Apple's design had been some bangle, or some shape, with say a battery all around it, longer life, a curved screen, thinner etc, and that was the design we knew was coming.
    Then you posted photo's of the Apple watch as it is today, and say it had the Samsung or LG Brand stamped on it. It would get laughed out the room here for being old fashioned, amazing think and chunky, unimaginative and any criticism you may wish to throw at it.

    That's just how it is.

    I'm not sure I myself would want THAT exactly, but many loved similar better looking renders of the Watch before we saw the real thing.
    I think there is potential in the bangle idea as it makes sense to use rather than waste the whole strap area.

    I'm sure as time goes on we may see this type of shape/format be used as there is potential there.
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    Just curious...with a design like that how do you size it for everyone's wrist? Especially if the device has sensors that need to touch the skin. That bracelet would never fit my skinny wrist.
  6. Piggie macrumors G3


    Feb 23, 2010
    If I were told to design a bangle type of smart watch, if that's what we are calling it, then you would not make it round, you would make it a squashed circle to match the profile of a human arm of course, and stop it rotating.

    Then naturally you would need to offer a few size options, and perhaps there may be some adjustment where the join was.

    The sensor issue would be tricky, though I aspect we've yet to know how important this is in general.

    Personally, I'm ok with a watch looking like a watch :)
    However, I am also keen and enthusiastic about the idea of using the strap for something useful, as, at the moment, 3/4 of the watch is a total waste of nothing. The Strap.

    Be it thin flexible battery, or sensors or something, the strap is a lot of surface area that's just going to waste currently
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    As I say, I'm not keen on that 1st image, but I'd not rule out myself liking some type of band and I feel a band COULD look a lot nicer depending on the size/shape/design.

    Some more concepts here:







    The second to last one, was greeted very favorable by many on these forums before we saw the real device which was a lot more, lets say, typical than many of the hoped for styles.
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    I think the current design is fine, a little chunky, but okay. I just wish it wasn't tethered to the iPhone. Otherwise, I'd probably get one -- even though I know better that the second generation would be the one to get (as was the case with iPad 2).
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    Feb 23, 2010
    I'm sure an inderendant device will come in time

    At the moment, we have in effect a dumb smartwatch, that needs the phone to do most of it's work for it.

    After perhaps a few models and a few years, I'm sure Apple will make it a truly SMART watch which don't need to use another device to do almost everything for it.

    Apple won't really have any choice if numbers and sales do really pick up, as they will at the moment always be limited by.

    A: The people who have iPhones of the correct age
    B: People who actually want a watch in the 1st place.

    Remembering how far ahead Android mobiles are in most countries, all those people for the foreseeable future cannot be Apple watch customers due to this need of an iPhone.

    That's not to say they may not make it Android Compatible instead, and even Windows Phone, so it still needs a mobile in range, but it will work across all three major formats.

    Microsoft are reported to be bringing out their own watch before very long, and that will work across all three main formats I believe.

    Interesting times ahead for sure :)

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