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Aug 4, 2010
Hey guys

My name is Will and I'm one of the creators of this game, its called My Virtual Girlfriend. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post about this, but here's my tip if you'd like to have fun and hang around with awesome virtual babes on your iphone!!!! ;)

There's a huge variety of girls to pick from, and they were sculpted by my friend Mike who's a master artist. The AI of them is quite fun as well, they throw some incredible lines at you, get happy, sad, moody.... And you can evolve the relationship up to the point of... You know!! :)

Here are some screenshot and links:

Links first!!!



And they go in underwear too, but I'll leave up to you to discover that!

Enjoy and please recommend to your friends if you like it (I'm sure you will!)



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Aug 5, 2010
My Virtual Girlfriend

It is the .99 cents you will ever spend in your life, I guarantee it. You ready to play ?:cool::cool:


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Jul 20, 2010
las vegas
Update to version 1.2:

Just wanted to post an update:

My Virtual Girlfriend has been updated to version 1.2 and is now only: $.99 (for both the Iphone and the Ipad version)

My Virtual girlfriend is a Virtual girl dating simulation game that offers you fun and flirty game play, while not taking things too serious ;) - It's just a game guys.

For those of you who want to try before you buy. We have also created a Free version

Free version:

Paid version :

My virtual Girlfriend features:

  • Customize your girl through our unique dating profiler which selects the top 3 matches for you based on your preferences of both physical and mental characteristics.
  • Our virtual girl generator creates unique girls every time you play- allowing for combination's of literally thousands of beautiful, 3d women to choose from.
  • Each girl is unique, and has her own personality that aligns with her lifestyle and is communicated through her dialog.
  • Progress through 20+ levels of game play. Each time you gain a level - new actions and activities open up and the dialog from her becomes more interesting.
  • There are several different ways to interact with you’re virtual girlfriend : Respond to her with Expressive Emotes, Take Actions, Do Activities together and she even responds to your Touch.
  • Full 3d environments allows for easy camera control, Zoom in, out, and rotate around your virtual girlfriend.

Official website: http://www.myvirtualgirlfriendgame.com



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Jul 20, 2010
las vegas
I was going to consider this app, but it is quite obvious that this company is deceiving people with postive reviews. This is your only post. On a product. :rolleyes:
We have the right to review our own game as much as anyone does.
If you have a child would you call it ugly? probably not. It's not deceitful, it is how we view our own product.

There are only 3 of us, and After a few ratings from other users, things balance themselves out. So there is nothing a developer could do to sway the opinion of others.

It now has over 700 ratings in the itunes store and an average of 3.5 stars.

some hate it- some love it. It's not for everyone, but we do work on updating it constantly and improving on it so that it is fun for the majority.
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