WoW on 17 vs 20" iMac

Discussion in 'Games' started by uvula, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. uvula macrumors newbie

    Mar 10, 2006
    The Left Coast
    Long story long, keeping in mind I'm in no particular rush and am *very* patient when making large purchases and I'll lie in wait until just the right thing comes along - also curious to see what new iBooks will have in store...

    I am a grad student with an 12" 800mhz iBook that works just fine.

    I recently started playing WoW (bad idea for a student!) and am convincing myself that I could use a faster machine and a larger screen so I can see more of my paperwork at a time and look articles up through my school library more efficiently.

    Running the numbers, a desktop gives delivers a lot more for the money.
    WoW or no WoW, I am at the point where I want a larger screen for schoolwork, so even if the new iBook is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and even if Blizzard goes under tomorrow, I'd still need to get an external monitor and hope for a DVI hole.

    Basically, I'm logic-ing my way into getting a machine that can handle WoW, though *none* of my other uses require a powerful machine (the library thing *is* legit, but not "I need X video card" legit...)

    I can use my perfectly functional iBook until it dies to write papers in the coffee shop, and use a shiny iMac to do more processor-intensive studying and WoW-ing at home. From then on, I can do refurbished i/MacBooks, as the laptop will never need to be as powerful as the desktop in my situation (i.e. I am not going to shell out for a MBP).

    Nice logic, eh?

    Real question: is there any qualitative difference in WoW play on the 17" vs the 20" iMac? Again, none of my other needs require an Intel-anything, but if all of this logic is going to go for a smart purchase to do one specific thing, I'd like it to do that specific thing very well.

    When I buy a computer, I buy it for the long haul.

    Thank very much for attending to this silly question.
  2. Gurutech macrumors 6502

    Jan 22, 2006
    Well. if money is not the issue,
    20 in. iMac would be the better choice.

    Intel iMac can handle WoW really well, and if you are going to go for intel, you will be thrilled.

    for WoW, 17 in. is still a great choice...
    I play WoW on 14in. laptop.. and it's still nice..
  3. ethen macrumors regular

    Dec 5, 2005
    17" still looks decent, i mean the resolution arent that low anyway, i do recommend more ram

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