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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Nov 21, 2002.

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    Aug 1, 2002
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    Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak is taking the stage at Macworld Expo after a six-year absence and will be giving his first presentation there in more than a decade.

    On Jan. 7, Wozniak, known as "Woz" in tech circles, will serve as a panelist at the big Macintosh show in San Francisco. He will be joined by Mac authors and publishers to discuss Mac OS X at the four-day event.

    It has been years since the Apple co-founder gave a presentation or served on a panel at Macworld. Wozniak made an appearance at the conference in 1997, but he did not give a presentation or serve on a panel, said a representative for IDG World Expo, the organizer of Macworld. This upcoming event will mark Wozniak's first speaking engagement at Macworld in at least 10 years, the representative said.

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    Dec 15, 2001
    So will he speak in the Keynote, too? I think that'd be great, I'd love to see Woz back with Apple.... I think he could bring Apple's education department back to life (and lower the cost of consumer machines :)
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    Nov 1, 2001
    Very curious!

    "A bunch of people I know and respect are on this panel, and when they asked me if I wanted to be on this panel, I thought why not," Wozniak said. "I also thought this panel would serve along the lines of an educator on the Mac OS X, and I would have to think about how to present things to people."

    I wonder just what he'll be talking about? I'm sure when he gets on stage there will be mayhem in the crowd ;)

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    Woah that is absolutely awesome!!

    And that device he is creating sounds very cool, too...

    I can't wait til MWSF.. I'm gonna have to stay up all night again to watch the broadcast :D

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    Aug 4, 2002
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    hey that is news.....can't wait to see what he has to say that would make him go onstage for the keynote, perhaps he is pulling a jobs and coming back?
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    Here's the link to the panel description:


    Interesting that Woz came back just to speak about switching to OS X. Wasn't he quoted some time ago as saying that OS X was too slow, and for now is just a pretty toy not ready for prime time? (and this was even after the Jaguar release, if I'm not mistaken). Does anyone else remember reading this?

    Given that Woz said those things, I wonder what the content and tone of his discussion will be at the panel. Has he had a change of heart about OS X? Maybe he'll say what needs improving in OS X, but will throw his weight behind it and declare it the desktop OS of the future (a statement aimed not just at existing Mac users but also at Windows and Linux/Unix users).
  7. Thirteenva macrumors 6502a

    Jul 18, 2002
    He was referring to 10.1.3 though it was after the release of jaguar. The interview was available in full at macworld.com though I cannot locate it anymore. And all he said was that it didnt meet his needs yet.

    edit: here is the link to the interview. Its the last couple paragraphs of the interview where he speaks about OS X.



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