Woz, Kawasaki judge My Dream App finals

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    Description:: My Dream App, a Mac contest in search of the next killer app, features Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, and Xbox and zune creator J. Allard as guest judges for its final round. Visitors can vote for their 3 favorite app ideas, and receive free licenses to both Overflow 2 and the Apple Design Award winning PhotoPresenter. Voting is open until Wednesday at 8:00 PM EDT, at which point the three winners will be announced. The winners, who will have emerged from an initial pool of more than 2,700 entrants, will see their app idea realized as a Mac shareware application and earn royalties on sales.

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  2. parenthesis macrumors member

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    personally, I'm not enamored with any of them. They certainly aren't "killer apps" for the platform (especially the cookbook!).

    If anything, the weather one provides some fun eye-candy...
  3. pilky macrumors newbie

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    No one said that they're going to be killer apps or revolutionary apps. The name of the contest is my dream app. And I can tell you now, most people that frequent lots of forums have dreamed of something like Hijack and almost everyone with more than one Mac has dreamed of something like Portal
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    Gnus started adding this kind of thing but never got much past Slash and UBB.

    Also semi-related since they're offering it as a freebie: the little Overflow dock extender is kind of neat.
  6. Random44 macrumors newbie

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    the PhotoPresenter freebie isn't too bad either, though I like Overflow more.

    Hijack is definitely pretty exciting though - nothing like it has been done yet (unless you count usenet, but, errr, I don't exactly think it compares. :p )

    Whistler also has a lot of potential to be fun. I think humming or drumming on my desktop, and having Whistler find chords to go with my melody (and correcting my melody) would be a fun way to learn more about music.
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    I've been following this from the start, and I've got to say Portal is the one I like the most. if the rumors are true, it is currently in a close fight for third!

    people need to start voting for Portal, otherwise it might slip away into nothingness....
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    Vote for Portal at MyDreamApp

    Yeah, I must say Portal is not only cool, but also incredibly useful!

    Portal lets you keep 2 or more Macs completely in sync, depending on your criteria: you can sync apps and apps settings, system settings, documents and folders, and all of that throught a really cool interface. The contestant has even come up with cool wormhole animations for syncing:) . Check out this full-size summary image with awesome mock-ups. And vote here!

    I really encourage you to vote for Portal, a little more votes and it'll get into 3rd place!

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