Woz on Steve Jobs, App Store policies and more

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    Steve Wozniak was interviewed this week by the Calgary Herald, a Canadian newspaper.

    The most interesting questions asked:

    Q Right now, Apple and the other companies that control mobile application marketplaces have a vetting process for which applications get approved. That has caused some controversy — do you see those restrictions easing up in the future?

    A: Yeah, I do. I sit there and think, why don’t I have a choice of which browser I’m going to use? Why don’t I have more choices? Why would I restrict that to control one important item? It makes me think about how Microsoft tried to force the world to use Internet Explorer and not give Netscape a chance.

    Q: I have to ask you at least one question about your former business partner Steve Jobs. There are a lot of stories about him, his personality in the press. What would you say is the biggest misconception about Mr. Jobs?

    A: Wow. Difficult to say. I don’t really know how to answer that. The biggest misconception is maybe that he’s an arrogant a**hole and the media doesn’t take into account that usually when he’s that way, he usually has some logical reasons for it.

    Q: One of the biggest controversies surrounding Mr. Jobs over the past year has been his health. At what point do you think his health will become an issue for Apple shareholders?

    A: I would say the same thing I said before, which is that I would trust Steve to make the decision.

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    Sorry but that wasn't very interesting. Steve isn't part of Apple, his opinion on the App store is unimportant. Him saying that doesn't mean by any means that it's going to happen. And the other two questions and answers mean nothing as well. They don't change or prove anything, they're simply a guy's opinion. I could have said the same exact things he did. In fact, I do. I just don't get interviewed when I do.

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    When you start one of the biggest players in the computer world, I'm sure people will be lining up to listen to you too.
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    Woz is a has been. There, I said it. You can't minimize his contributions to PCs but what the hell has he done lately?

    Dancing with the Stars :rolleyes:
    Date that loud mouthed red head. :rolleyes:
    Segway polo :rolleyes:

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