Writers wanted for The Mac Gamer: get a free copy of Dragon Age II!

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    My name is Alex McLarty and I'm the Editor of The Mac Gamer. We're currently looking for writers to cover Mac and iOS games.

    I have a copy of Dragon Age II sitting in my inbox right now, but no one to review it. If anyone here is genuinely interested in reviewing Dragon Age II, get in touch!

    All that we ask is that you're 21 or over, can write to a reasonable standard and will put some time and effort into your work.

    If you are interested email me, private message me or respond in this thread with a 4-5 paragraph writing sample and a 2 paragraph explanation of why you are a suitable candidate.

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    Not sure i would be suitable as i already have my own copies (plural) ;)

    I'm actually about 10 hours into my play-through on the Mac/PC version and have also just completed it (after 26+ hours) on the PS3.

    I am playing different character class and consciously choosing alternative path and character alignments/choices throughout the game on the Mac compared to the playstation 3 game to actively see if the games alternative choices play out with differing results or shape the final outcome, or whether your decisions are merely superficial and if the 'main acts' and outcomes are pre-defined regardless of what you choose to do throughout.

    The Mac/PC version plays far more like it's console brethren this time round compared to the original (which I also played on both PC & PS3) with the emphasis far more on action rather that tactical strategy. I (controversially) actually prefer not to pause the game during battles and issue orders, somthing that I was very much required to do in order to successfully progress in the original Dragon Age Origins. Thankfully for my own sanity, so far I have not needed to do this on Dragon Age 2. Whilst strategists will probably call this cheating, for me it provides a more immediate experience gameplay wise. You can still choose to pause the game and issue commands to your party if you choose to do so however.

    If you wish me to send you a review after I have completed my mac play-through feel free to PM me. You can keep your copy of the game ;)

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