WTB: G4/1.25 GHz dual MDD

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    Apr 15, 2006
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    iJawn108 -

    I've got a dual 1.25 MDD that I'm ready to sell. In great working and cosmetic condition. I have the original box and packaging as well as the original install CDs. As such, I can provide it in its original software configuration (OS 9 & OS X 10.2) or with a fresh Leopard install.

    I no longer have the keyboard or mouse, but I do have the 17" Cinema Display which I may consider selling as well if interested - also in perfect condition.

    The RAM was increased to 1.5 gigs at time of purchase and I later added an OWC USB 2.0 PC Card (2 USB 2.0 slots, 2 additional FW400 slots), other than that the hardware is all original.


    Dual 1.25 Ghz PPC G4 7455
    120 GB HDD
    1.5 GB RAM
    ATI Radion 9000 Pro Graphics Card (Both DVI & ADC)
    56k Modem
    10/100/gigabit Ethernet
    Airport Card (Not Extreme)

    Three issues to note:
    1. The power button is most responsive when pressed in the upper-left quadrant of the button. I remember reading about this being a documented issue, but I can't remember where now.

    2. The OWC USB 2.0 PC Card has been unstable in the past. I don't know if it's the driver or hardware itself, but I've had it hang on big USB 2.0 transfers from time to time. It's only a $40 card anyway, so if it gives you problems, it's cheap to replace.

    3. Like all machines of this model, the fans in the power supply are comparatively loud. I wasn't aware of the power supply replacement program Apple had a couple of years ago, so it has the original. It's not obscenely loud, just a bit louder than you'd expect, thats all. If you're looking at this model, you probably already know about all this though.

    If you're interested, feel free to PM me an offer. It's a great machine, well taken care of, so I'm not desperate to sell - no low ball offers please. Let me know if you'd like photos as well.


    I'll also PM you with the same message.
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    Jul 11, 2006
    Forgot to mention:

    Serial Number - XB238190LKB
    Part Number - M8573LL/A

    I input the serial to http://www.chipmunk.nl, this is the production data I received:

    Serial number: XB238190LKB
    Name: Power Macintosh G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors / Wind Tunnel)
    Model: M8573 PowerMac G4 1.25GHz-DP
    Bus speed: 167MHz
    Factory: XB (ElkGrove/Sacramento, California)

    Model introduced: 2002
    Production year: 2002
    Production week: 38 (September)
    Production number: 1462 (within this week)

    Thanks again!

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