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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by ktbubster, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2007
    Hey. I've posted a few threads on this already a few months ago... but it's that time again. Hopefully this is the last one :)

    I am looking for a G3 iBook Snow (or g4 or macbook if someone feels like being super generous to a poor college student... and no I don't mean me)

    It should be in good working condition, and preferably have an airport card and OSX... but as long as it is working if it doesn't have those, then that's ok, I can work with it.

    Cosmetic condition isn't a huge issue, as long as it is fine for its intended portability issues... aka normal wear/scratches and even small screen scratches are fine. The battery should preferably hold atleast 1.5 hours of charge.

    I am looking to refurb it a little (custom paint and all that fun stuff I've done on ibooks in the past) and give it to a friend of mine who has very little/no income for anything really, her parents can't help her out either as she has 4 other siblings and they are struggling a lot as well.... and she is spending all her money on food and local college classes to become an xray technician and is working 40 hour weeks as well.

    She is going to be needing a laptop to type things up on etc. I want to get her a nice small portable laptop with wifi so she can connect to internet at the hotspots around her area (they can't really afford internet at home right now) as well as school and get work done whenever she can in between work and on breaks etc, hence the portable need.

    I think a ibook g3 or g4 would be a perfect companion for a while as all she needs is basic word processing and internet browsing and these are great for those.

    Anyway. I paid between 85 and 120 about 2-3 months ago on here for some g3 ibooks.. one with airport installed... all were in working order.

    I'm looking to spend just about 100 now depending on specs/condition/airport on one more. SO if someone has an ibook that they are finally willing to part with to a good loving home :) let me know. PM or Post here.

    Specs, condition (photos to ktbubster@comcast.net), battery life, working condition, system and Price. - remember, this is for a good cause :) a good person who's working really hard to get an education for a good paying job so she can help her family out too.

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