WTD in the UK, older Mac hardware:

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    Jan 12, 2005
    Chaddesley Corbett
    Looking for some specialist bits - for example, Shreve in the US have these complete systems for $99, but I a: don't need a complete system, and b: cannot afford shipping from the US for the whole thing - but I am happy to pay shipping for the components I need.

    Looking for:

    Mac 128/512/Ke logic board (not SCSI) to restore a Mac 128 I have.
    Apple Workgroup Server 95 Pisces board - that's the PDS slot card with L2 Cache and DMA SCSI
    Apple Workgroup Server 95 5-drive Cage - the upper drive cage - and SCSI cables.
    Apple Workgroup Server 95 or Quadra 950 CD-ROM drive Bezel. Ideally one for tray loader, but I can go to a caddy loading drive if I have to.

    Will buy or trade for other bits; if you're a computer collector in the US and want a UK-market machine like a BBC B or Sinclair Spectrum, I'll happily trade as long as shipping is fair (and you realise the PSU will need a transformer).

    Also have a spare Final Cut Express 2 for Mac - would trade for anything vaguely useful, such as a 512Mb SODIMM for my 1.25GHz PowerBook (I have 2 x 256 installed), or more RAM for my G5, or bluetooth keyboard - that sort of thing.

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