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Sep 13, 2014
I have 3 different Gmail accounts: one for school, work, and personal. For this example lets name them School4316, Work4316, and Personal4316.

On iOS 7 while in Safari if I visited the Gmail website then it would autofill the last username & password I used to login to the site.

The KEY was that if I wanted to log in with a different account... then I could simply erase the username it autofilled -> type the first few letters of a different login (say I typed "Wo") -> a bubble would appear showing me the username I was typing (it would show "Work4316") -> then I could press the forward arrow (>) key next to the blue "AutoFill Password" button on top of the keyboard and it would autofill the username & password of the different account.

Now, with iOS 8, if I go to Gmail it still autofills the username and password of the last account I logged in with (Say School4316) just like it used to before, BUT if I erase that username and start typing in one of my other account usernames then it wont have the bubble pop up like it used to and it won't autofill the password no matter what I do :mad:

I tried pressing the blue > key like I used to but all that does now is is move the the typing cursor from the username section over to the password input section.

I've tried erasing the autofilled username & typing out the full username of the other account (say Work4316) into the username section but if I press "AutoFill Password" then it erases the username I typed in just now and puts the last username I logged in to Gmail with again :mad:

WTF Apple? Is anyone else having this issue?

P.S. in case anyone asks... Yes, I have iCloud keychain enabled and under Settings -> Safari -> Passwords & AutoFill -> Names and Passwords: On. I've also tried restarting my phone and all the other basic things.

Looks like someone else was having the same issue back in Oct?


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Jul 18, 2011
Apple probably thought it was too much for people to handle and deleted it. They need to fire all the devs


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Nov 16, 2012
Yeah I hope this just need to be fixed, sucks if they just removed the option.

I have multiple logins too and it's not good when you opt to use keychain generated passwords.

Sometimes password are not even sync.


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Jun 29, 2011
That plus:

Please continue loading the page when asking me if I want to save a password, just like Chrome does.

I have no idea if I want you to save it until I can see if I actually got it right.


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Apr 18, 2014
London, UK
THIS really annoys me as I have 3 gmail accounts and 5 Amazon accounts (1 for personal, 4 for my family and my kindles - I like to keep the accounts separate) and they have quite long emails.


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Apr 21, 2003
There's always better ( IMO ) alternatives such as 1Password, which does support multiple logins... and multiple browsers.
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