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    Jun 10, 2003
    London, Ontario
    Looking to possibly trade my iBook and go for something a little better. The config in my sig is not what you will be geting because I have friend that wants the superdrive and ram. What this unit does come with is:

    12" screen (no dead pixels)
    384MB ram (128MB soldered on, 256MB of Kingston ram)
    CD-ROM Drive
    30GB HDD (replaced recently)
    32MB Radeon Mobility (Radeon 7500 i believe)
    Mac OS 10.3.4 (you will get coppies of the cds, but not the originals) + a lot of apps (Photoshop CS, StudioMX 2004, Office 2004, iLife 04' with Garageband...)
    Power Adapter + VGA dongle (has screen spanning hack installed and it works great!)
    All manuals, paperwork, box, phone cable and original OS (10.2.4) + Software cds.
    and i can possibly throw in an external LaCie 52x32x52x CD-RW and a laptop bag.

    It does have a few scratches on it, but nothing i wont make every effort to buff out, all keys are still on the keyboard and the trackpad works marvelous, no dead pixels (as mentioned above), batery still gets 2.5 - 3 hours of life out of it with screen on max brightness, has Screen Doctor hack installed etc...

    Now to what im looking for. I wouldnt mind going to a 12" (or a 15" starting at 600MHz or so) Powerbook 867 (or faster) plus some cash (of course). Just find myself wanting more power or a larger screen. Or a dekstop PowerMac...

    Message me if your interested.

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