WTT: P4 system for Powermac, iMac, or eMac

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by mosfet, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. mosfet macrumors newbie

    Jul 3, 2004
    Hi All!

    I'm currently inneed of a mac system, but happen to be a bit short of money. very short. but I happen to have a PC system. I would prefer something that could later be upgaded, and have an AGP slot, such as a G4 Powermac (Sawtooth) or a Quicksilver.

    Could someone please help me out! :)

    P4 1.7ghz
    768mb ram
    120gb Hard Drive
    DVD drive
    Ati 9600 128mb Video card
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Sound Card
    Windows XP Pro
    802.11g Wifi-G Card

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