WTT/S: 23" Cinema Display HD, DVI-ADC adapter, $1075, $50, or trade for 23" Aluminum

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    Rod Rod

    Sep 21, 2003
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    I would like to trade or sell my 23" Apple Cinema Display HD and DVI-ADC adapter. I am located near downtown Chicago.

    My firm selling price for the monitor is $1075 plus shipping, and the DVI-ADC adapter will be $50. I won't sell the DVI-ADC adapter separately from the monitor.

    The monitor is less than two years old. If I were to trade this I'd want an even trade for a year-old (refurbished is okay) aluminum 23" Apple Cinema Display, in exchange for both this monitor and the DVI-ADC adapter. I have the original boxes for both the monitor and DVI-ADC adapter.

    Local pickup / trade is preferred but I can also ship. Tomorrow I'm taking a week-long trip to the East Coast (Reading, PA; NY, NY; Shelton, CT; D.C. / Northern VA / MD) so if someone's along the way I can even drop by to do the trade.

    Please email or post here with any questions. Thanks!

    with flash:
    without flash:
    back view:
    DVI-ADC adapter:

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