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Apr 12, 2001
ThinkSecret updates today with a report that attempts to clarify what may be coming next week at WWDC.

According to the rumor site, new Apple Displays (20", 23", and 30") will be coming as previously reported.

However, ThinkSecret essentially eliminates an iMac update as a possibility, discounting analyst and rumor predictions of an imminent iMac update.


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Sep 4, 2001
West Sussex, UK
Unfortunately I think this is probably true. Its a big disappointment for me since I was considering buying one of these mythical "iMac G5s" if it were released at WWDC. Tiger will more than make up for it though :D


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Aug 12, 2002
Arn, you seem to hear all the whispers, is no iMacs what you are hearing too? Appleinsider seemed pretty confidant that new iMacs were coming soon, not necessarily at WWDC, but "within weeks". Seems that there is a lot of chatter for something that is not even close :confused:


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Jun 2, 2003
round the corner
Like before the preview of the new OS X will take an hour

Isn't the whole keynote 2 hours long? ;)

There has to be something to take up another hour


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Sep 10, 2003
I think Apple is trying to create a little FUD here. When looked at in the context of Apple's line-up, the iMac is seriously lacking. At the very least they need to bump the line to 1.5GHz G4s, 8x SuperDrives, better video, etc. However, I am still betting on sub-2.0GHz G5s.


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Sep 18, 2003
London, UK
intrepkid21 said:
How do you explain the iMac's not going to 1.5ghz G4's?
Exactly. I think we will see G5 iMacs or at least an announcement. The iMacs weren't updated. Something gives.

And the Think Secret article completely jokes about the iMac bit - "Apple is laughing at the rumours"? I think they don't know anything. They haven't been that accurate lately anyway. It's pure speculation.

In fact, the article is written in a jovial, jokey and coloquial sort of way - completely out of sync with the normal professional and serious manner of writing that Think Secret is legendary for. Seems like they were drunk when they wrote it. :D


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Apr 19, 2004
It is bs. They are saying fall for the next imac rev. So apple stores will be out of imacs intill the fall. TS is wrong on this one. May not be on WWDC but, sometime July.


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Jan 3, 2004
I'm getting tired of all this waffling back and forth every day on iMacs. Yes, no, yes, no–just give me new machines, darn it! :mad:


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Dec 9, 2003
I rarely heard anything about the iMacs anyway. Quite frankly, displays are much more important in my opinion.

// narco


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Dec 4, 2002
My house!
Rumor sites don't have a damn clue as to what Apple's going to announce beyond a demo(preview) of Tiger. They have these so called "reliable sources" which just seem to say one thing this week, then turn around and say something else the next. Everyone a couple of weeks ago was so sure Apple was going to introduce new iMacs, and now they all say this isn't true. This is a prime example that they really don't know what they're talking about. Why do they even exist! All they do is get everyone hyped up over something that doesn't exist and then when Steve doesn't announce it everyone gets all pissed off at Apple for not introducing it.

You just wait and see after they keynote. People will start whining about Apple should of announced this, or Apple should announced that, getting all of their thoughts from these stupid rumor sites that don't know anymore than we do.

There got that off my chest.

We'll all wait and see what Apple does next monday. Then we can see which rumor site got lucky in getting something right.


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May 21, 2003
quagmire said:
It is bs. They are saying fall for the next imac rev. So apple stores will be out of imacs intill the fall. TS is wrong on this one. May not be on WWDC but, sometime July.

This is a rumor-monger's dream. AppleInsider and ThinkSecret are diametrically opposed on this one.

We'll soon see which has the street cred.

Edit: mklos is right, they both have a 50/50 chance.


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Jan 24, 2004
Columbus, OH
Could promise

One thing that may happen at WWDC is they may announce they are working on the G5 iMac.....but they may not reveal the specific specs. Now that the PowerMac line is all Dual processor, they need the iMac to be the single processor machine. My bet, iMac's will come out in time for Christmas.


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Jan 3, 2004
appleguy said:
Funny, I heard new imacs.
Droping 15" imac

17" Moves to 4:3 Ratio
20" Widescreen
23" Widescreen

anyone else heard anything.

23" screens? That's almost ridiculous. They'd have to add another 15 lbs. to the base to counter the screen's weight, like they did with the 20". Plus it would look totally silly.
Wasn't it a couple of Keynote's back when everybody was saying that Apple's presentation wasn't going to be much, and then Steve revealed something great like the New iMacs or the PowerMacs, or something like that. I can't remember which Keynote it was but didn't Jobs saying something like, "Well, I guess you can't always believe what you read."

Personally I like the current design of the iMac. I think if they would do any kind of upgrade it would be: replace the plastic shell of the current iMac with stainless steel, add a G5 processor(in the sub 2Ghz range), and add a detachable screen. This detachable screen would have touch screen capabilities and would be able to communicate with iMac's body through Airport. With the recent introduction of Airport Express this would be ideal for being able to do work anyplace in your home or office. This detachable screen wouldn't exactly be a tablet since it would not have any components built into it such as Harddrive or SuperDrive/ComboDrive, since those would be in the "basestation body" part.

Of course I could be completely wrong, but that does sound like an interesting concept. :)
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