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Apr 12, 2001
After each major event, MacRumors provides a wrapup of rumors to reveal the sources of the most accurate information. Readers are encouraged to read our previous roundup and final thoughts to decide for themselves. (Note: Roundup information is filtered, influenced and presented in an attempt to accurately predict outcomes.)

The World Wide Developers Conference keynote was perhaps the most highly anticipated event in recent Mac history.

After months of rumors and speculation of PowerMac/970 updates -- Apple, themselves, accidentally leaked the specs for the PowerMac G5 four days early. This only raised excitement and expectations to unhealthy levels.

Apple Legal also played a more participatory role in the pre-game in this round with multiple interventions at many of the sites involved.


MacBidouille deserves credit for being the first (by far) and -- for some time -- the only site to claim that Apple would announce PPC 970 based PowerMacs at the World Wide Developer's Conference.

Their first claim (in March) was that IBM would be presenting the 970 Chip and demoing a 970-based PowerMac at WWDC.

Subsequent rumors, however, were ambitious with claims that low-end 970-based PowerMacs were rolling off assembly lines in May 2003, and implied immediate availability of the 970-based PowerMacs at WWDC. This information turned out to be incorrect. MacWhispers also claimed tha PowerMac's based on 970 chips were currently in production along with inaccurate description of the case design.

Our own sources had indicated that PowerMacs would not be a a shipping state by WWDC with final notes confirming this information as well as accurate reports of increased price points for towers.

Motherboard claims from MacBidouille were mostly true -- with claims of DDR 400, USB 2.0, AGP 8x, and Hypertransport. Claims of FibreChannel built-in, however, were not.

Traditionally accurate CNet provided confirmation of the use of Hypertransport, with AppleInsider returning from the grave with a PowerMac G5 report that triggered Apple Legal. Most of the details of the AppleInsider report turned out to be correct (ports, hypertransport, motherboard, G5 name) with the exception of starting processor speeds which were claimed to be1.4-1.8GHz.

Appleinsider also provided an accurate description of the new PowerMac case, as well as corroboration for ThinkSecret reports of an Apple Video Camera which turned out to be iSight. If their other information can be considered accurate, then we may also expect adjustable displays (first mentioned by Looprumors), and Filemaker returning in-house.


Surprisingly little information emerged regarding Panther was available prior to WWDC.

Accurate tidbits: Multiple User Login (MacOSRumors)

Inaccurate tidbits: New File System (MacBidouille), Piles (MacEdition), Music/Movie Purchase Integration (MacOSRumors).

Mixed tidbits:
eWeek: Multiple Graphical (Yes), Piles (No), New File System (No)

LoopRumors: Themes (No), User Switching (Yes), More Dock Features (No), iChat 2.0 (Yes), Speed (Yes), Mail 2.0 (No), More Metal (Yes), Flatter Aqua (Yes), Improved Dock (No), Quicktime 6.5 (No), iWorks (No), Safari 1.0 (Yes), Advanced Mouse Support (No), Advanced Software Update (No), 64-Bit Support (Yes).

The most accurate overview came from leaked screenshots (on in the 2 days prior to the event.


MacWhispers cited manufacturing sources and reported that 970 Based PowerBooks had started production claimed "we can say that both the new PPC 970 Power Mac and Powerbook will have substantial inventory already produced by the time of the upcoming WWDC keynote."

With Apple's Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing stating that the G5 "is not going in a PowerBook anytime soon," it appears MacWhispers' reports were incorrect.


With more and more eyes on Apple and the Mac rumor scene, the number of rumor sites and rumor sources have exploded -- with an increasing noise-to-signal ratio. Despite this, real information is available to the community -- but the challenge that remains is to find the accurate information from the disinformation.

MacBidouille deserves credit for providing the lead info on such an important Apple event, however, based on the above record, they remain consistently inconsistent in their accuracy -- which has also been true of them in the past.

Long time rumor-site, AppleInsider, has re-emerged with accurate information, and appears to be poised to regain its previous status in the Mac Rumor community.

MacWhispers, however, has remained consistently inaccurate with inaccurate claims including LCD Specs, iPod Release Date & Powerbook Release, No New iPod Case, and most recently the PowerBook 970s at WWDC. As a result, any future rumors from this site should be met entirely with skepticism.

ThinkSecret was conspicuously absent from much of the 970 rumors, but retains its traditionally accurate record -- and the notable distinction of bringing down the wrath of Apple Legal a number of times over the past few months.

Next Apple event is MacWorld Creative Pro on July 16-18...


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Jan 31, 2003
Macworld Creative Pro

Looks like Apple has two rather large booth areas at this conference. With the conference only a month away I wonder if any new Apple products will be announced, even minor ones.

I see Greg Joswiak is giving an opening speech. Maybe he'll have new G5 benchmarks to show off.

I have no idea what this conference has brought in the past, but I highly doubt that it will bring any new 970 news since the G5 towers still won't have shipped by then. And they wouldn't want to discourage customers who sent in preorders by announcing speed jumps, or 970 powerbooks.


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Jun 7, 2002
I think there won't be anything new there...

Too close to this WWDC and Apple explicitly stated it had no real interest in the NY show left. No interest as in that they won't introduce new hard- and/or software at the summer expo.



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Apr 21, 2003
washington dc
so what's next?

anyone have any ideas about what we can expect at the next conference- maybe 64-bit apps? or is it too early in the game for the companies to be ready with that.

its sort of a shame that piles won't be in the new OS- i thought that looked pretty cool



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Apr 24, 2003

Is it just me? Doesn't Exposé look like piles updated for OS X? It lets you take a pile of windows and spread them out and look through them - selecting the one that you want.


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May 29, 2003
Chicago, IL, USA
Isn't the new Mail updated enough to warrent a 2.0 number? It looked vastly improved to me.

Also, though it wasn't specifically mentioned very much, I would argue that there was indeed talk off a new filesystem. FreeBSD 5.0 integration in Darwin means that Panther will provide UFS2 support, which has some huge improvements over UFS1. Furthermore, that fast-searching feature in Finder is going to require some kind of file-system-level extension to HFS+.


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Jan 7, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thinksecret was absent this time round but I am still hugely impressed with their accuracy in regards to the new iPod. I know this is off topic to a degree (and a little belated) but I was just thinking about the accuaracy fo the artistic redenring while I sit here with my new pod :)



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Jun 18, 2003
Fort Worth, TX
I think MacWhispers can't be crucified just yet...we'll have to see what happens when the new 15" is announced. If it's not G5 based, then we can nail them up.

No VP of any company is going to go on record saying, "Yeah, don't buy the product we have out right now, because we're gonna have a MUCH better one available next quarter!" What he considers anytime soon and what I consider anytime soon might be completely different.

Personally, though, I doubt there'll be a 970 based PowerBook announced until the next cycle. Speaking of which, where are the updates to the current PowerBooks for this cycle?!! I want to buy a 12", but not if it's going to be out of date in 2 weeks. :p


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Jul 22, 2002
New Jersey
Corrections are in order...

Motherboard claims from MacBidouille were mostly true -- with claims of DDR 400, USB 2.0, AGP 8x, and Hypertransport. Claims of FibreChannel built-in, however, were not.

I think MacB was correct with the fibre cables, it's just that I think the message was miscontrued in the translation;

This is one of the options at the Apple store when ordering a G5...

" Fibre Channel Card

A Fibre Channel PCI card is required to connect Xserve RAID to Power Mac G5. Apple's Dual Channel 2Gb PCI Fibre Channel card ships with two 2.9-meter Copper Fibre Channel HSSDC2 to SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) interconnect cables. The Fibre Channel PCI card is installed in an open PCI or PCI-X slot (depending on configuration purchased) of the Power Mac G5 and the cables are used to connect to the HSSDC2 ports on Xserve RAID.

The SFP connectors on the card allow use of the included copper cabling to connect directly to Xserve RAID or a 2GB Fibre Channel switch over short distances. Optional optical cabling and SFP transceivers provide the capability of connecting the card to a Fibre Channel switch over long distances up to 500m.

Note: Installation of Apple Fibre Channel PCI card in Power Macintosh G5 reclassifies this system as a FCC Class A device. "

If I'm wrong, please correct me, but I think this serves as what they said... you have to admit the translators can be quite imaginative at times.

It's just that the fibre cables were not part of the motherboard.:eek:


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Mar 12, 2002
BrisVegas, Australia
sweet! the rumor roundup! :D thanks MacRumors for doing this, i've been waiting for this one. always intersting to see...

there was alot of fuss over the rumors of a new filesystem for OS X, but i guess that isn't really needed at this time. also, Piles would have been nice. i can remember that someone did a Flash demo of how it might work, and it looked pretty good to me. but Exposé looks like it will be good to use, should do the job well.

as for the 970 PowerBooks at WWDC... that was one of the biggest letdowns for me, but i think i'll survive. i was really believing that there would be 970 PB's released at WWDC. oh well, i guess that now we just have a higher-clocked G4 and updated features to look forward to with the 15". i just hope that they come soon.


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Jan 3, 2003
London, UK
I don't think that MacBiduoille (bah) was wrong about the FiberChannel - they did just say it was two unknown ports that looked like optical ports, and guessed at fiberchannel (quite clearly a guess) - in fact they turned out to be optical audio connectors, as many people surmised in the thread here discussing that MacBD article.

However they did write that there were clusters of ports, when in fact all the ports are in a single line along the back of the motherboard. And many of the features are quite reasonable guesses for a next generation PowerMac anyway ... so take it as you wish!


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May 14, 2003
So what was in those boxes marked "don't open until 23 June 2003"?

What ever happened to that rumor?


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Dec 24, 2002
Think Secret and 970

The e week article "64-Bit Macs May Outpace 'Panther'" was penned by Nick Ciarelli and Matthew Rothenberg
and Think Secret constantly refers back to that article....given the fact that Matthew Rothenberg has in the past collaborated with Nick dePlume... I conclude that Nick Ciarelli and Nick dePlume are one and the same person ??? By the way Nick dePlume may be a pen name and not a real name at all.... de plume is the French version of pen....

All that to say that Think Secret's take on the 970s can be judged by the e week article


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Jul 17, 2002
Mail 2.0

Actually, a new version of Mail was demonstrated by Steve, so the report of Mail 2.0 is not really inaccurate (although I don't know the version number of the new Mail).


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Jun 22, 2002
Ottawa, ON, Canada
It's actually been suggested that the boxes contained the "new" PowerMac G4s were in those boxes. It would make sense to keep them secret, too - if people take a look and notice that there's nothing but 1.25 GHz PowerMacs in a new shipment, that would be a tipoff that something better is coming.

And let's not forget that iSight was also ready to go after the keynote!


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Nov 8, 2001
Northern, NJ

Wanted to express props and additional recognition for MacBidouille. I remember him/her/them saying that they were going to forgo rumoring based on the skepticism from people on various boards. You guys rock! Please keep on!

Let's foster some goodwill out there Mac-heads!

Of course, thanks to Arn for doing his typically excellent job on pre-present-post announcement wrap-ups.

Good job everyone! (except MacWhispers...i'm sure you guys are good at something, but rumors based on anything based in reality are not your forte.) But thanks for the speculation! :rolleyes:


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Dec 14, 2002
Re: Think Secret and 970

Originally posted by fred
de plume is the French version of pen....

actually the french version of pen is le stylo...unless you mean the verb to pen, as in to write...i dunno what that is. plume in my Anglais dictionary is actually the nib of a pen. that would translate as Nick of nib.

I think actually that even though think secret were not vocal on the 970, they got a lot right. They mentioned x code, and iSight...even knowing its final and internal name, then there were the iSync stuff very close to wwdc...did they get smegol or was that another place that they referenced? it seems thety have very good software contacts.

Mac Whispers on the other hand got everything wrong. How many people laughed when Steve said 'yes it was a mistake posting them specs' after Jack dug himself in a hole insisting it was not possible to be a mistake and had to be a hack...I midly chuckled even if its cruel to mck the afflicted.


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Oct 9, 2001
actually the french version of pen is le stylo...unless you mean the verb to pen, as in to write...i dunno what that is. plume in my Anglais dictionary is actually the nib of a pen. that would translate as Nick of nib.

Jesus, people...

"Nom de plume" is French for "pen name," and the French phrase is so widely known as to be used even by English speakers -- it's up there with "fait accompli" and "cul-de-sac."

"Plume" means "feather" or "quill," as in a quill pen.

Obviously "Nick de Plume" is a pseudonym, that's the whole point. It's a play on "nickname" and "nom de plume."


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Jul 22, 2002
Re: WWDC Rumor Wrapup: Winners and Losers

Originally posted by Macrumors
After each major event, MacRumors provides a wrapup of rumors to
reveal the sources of the most accurate information. Readers are
encouraged to...

This report seems like it takes swipes at other rumor sites, aside from the facts.

We all have to remember that rumors are rumors, no matter who does the speculating. Rumor-based sites are
siblings, after all. None of the sites (including this one) should be taken
with more than a grain of salt, until facts are presented.

Rumors hurt Apple when the uninformed take them as fact and then raise their own
expectations. (i.e. Wall Street types)

However, they can be entertaining when put in the proper perspective.

MacRumors is better at presenting information as entertainment, but the judgemental overtones are a bit negative.

I think we all enjoy reading the whispers here, along with the lively and informative discussions between visitors.


macrumors 6502
Feb 22, 2003
macrumors game!

how about (and it's just an idea) all the rumors sites get scores depending on how well they predicted.

But better yet, macrumors users are prompted to vote on what they think is coming up, and you get a score for how accurate your own predictions are.

I thought of this with all the guys who said FOR SURE apple releasing the stats online was a marketing trick. BLAH. Where are they now? :rolleyes:

It would help people reading the forums to work out who to listen to, who to take with a grain of salt, and who to ignore totally.

Again, it's just a concept, for interests sake.


macrumors regular
Nov 6, 2002
This Old House
Folks, "Nick de Plume" is a takeoff on "Nom (sp?) de Plume" which means "pen name", i.e. not a real name but a writer's incognito name. Have you guys gone to high school yet? ;-)

In addition to Mac Whispers being totally disreputable, I think Mac Bidoulle's rumors were totally in the toilet (maybe we should nickname them MacBidet, or perhaps Mac Pitooey).

Sure, everybody and his brother would predict that 970's would be announced at WWDC. That took no courage or inside information.

But all this hoopla about 970's already built *and packaged* and ready to ship was total hooey.

Aside: The G5's are fugly. They are pretty cool in profile, but from the front and back they are just plain ugly. Steve has taken 'simple' way too far. And I predict users will grow to hate that long line of ports in the back with nothing in the way of grouping to make it easier to find what you're looking for from the front & side. And a $2000 crippled base G5? I'm not impressed.
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