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    Description:: Mac OS X is a great operating system. Mac users have known this since the early days of OS X. But sometimes some of the gems of an operating system are hidden right under our noses and we just need to look a little deeper to find them.

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    How disappointing, I already use all of them. I'm not knocking their usefulness, I was just hoping for some new, more obscure stuff. That list reminds me of Apple's inexplicable Pro Tips section. What kind of pro doesn't know that you can email a URL from Safari's File menu (or needs to, for that matter)? Plus, the most recent two - EPS to PDF and converting to TIFF, JPG or Photoshop - are exactly the same tip. Sorry, that page bothers me.
  3. OwlsAndApples macrumors 6502a


    Oct 4, 2006
    Yeah, I know most of them too but still there is good stuff to be learned - but I hadn't realised about the Inkwell-thingymajig which sounds quite cool. :cool:
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    i liked reading about inkwell, but that's not a feature right under our nose. that's a feature that only people with tablets need to worry about. the other features are just features that aren't "features". they are little parts of the operating system. i don't think anyone REALLY considers keychain a feature, when you could just save your password. i mean it sounds cooler adding passwords to the "keychain". safari and iphoto integration? really, a feature i didn't know about, or just an option on the rightclick.

    i don't think we had to digg to find features we didn't know about. i think the author of this article was digging, or should i say stretching, to write about features that no one would *really* call features.

    note: the article still wasn't terrible and it would be good to anyone first getting to know os x.
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    Jan 10, 2006

    Havent they all been features at some point?


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