X VS 8....It’s Like Truck Shopping

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by steelo3232, Sep 21, 2017.

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    All the bantering back and forth on here and the X is best, if you buy the 8 your an idiot and vice versa....It really reminded me of my truck shopping purchase this Spring. We bought a camper, needed a truck to pull it... We bought the F250 XLT instead of the Lariat.... we saved about 10k..... (albeit in the world of trucks these days that isn’t much)

    Our XLT

    It doesn’t have leather
    The “infotainment” center is smaller and lacks features the lariat has, it isn’t even touch screen
    It doesn’t have slide out stepboard into the bed of the pickup
    My ass can’t be warmed in South Dakota Winters
    It looks a tad different (no lariat stamp on the side)

    But you know what, she’s damn nice and pulls that camper just fine and I get compliments on it all the time. At the campground when I see trucks that look just like mine that have that “lariat” look and stamp of approval I know exactly what they have that I don’t... but they don’t pull that 5th wheel any better than I do :) End of the day, they have a really nice truck that does the same thing mine does where it counts it pulls, drives, and looks nearly the same. Both will get the campers home just fine. Why we can’t all have beers over the fireplace and look at our great trucks and campers despite the small differences is beyond me.
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    It is human nature to find a way to justify their decisions. One of those ways is bashing other devices.
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    Issue here (& net in general when it comes to rivalries) is, bashing other people seems to be the norm.

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