Xbox-Evolved.Com For Sale, Site and All!

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  1. XboxEvolved macrumors regular

    Aug 22, 2004
    Why am I selling?
    There is nothing wrong with my site at all but the goals I had created for myself I had met and above all I am wanting to fully concentrate on college, and because I do not much a lot of money would like the money from the site to help pay for it.

    How much? $1,500 OBO
    The price may sound steep or cheap depending on who you are and how you look at it, below is a description of the site. You are given full server, URL control, and forum administration.

    Stats: 1,000-1,500 visitors a day. Originally launched in early 2002 at, later went down in 2003 and reopened in April 2004 as Has been featured in numerous publications and websites including:,,,,,, and Electronic Gaming Monthly making Xbox Evolved one of the most recognized websites out there! Many staff members help out to keep content fresh and up to date as well.

    Benefits: Publishers will recognize you and send software for review, interviews, invites to press events, and you even have a chance to go to the major videogame conference, E3. Many publishers send Xbox Evolved software for review including Activision, Microsoft, Eidos, Codemasters, Namco, and dozens more!

    Content Management: The content management system (CMS) PHP is completely custom created and is called NeoSite CMS. It is very easy to use and is used by the web. It completely terminates the need of updating tediously with FTP. The image uploader automatically puts watermarks on images and makes thumbnails, a sleek system helps make it easier to add new sections, and you could post an entire review in less then a minute!

    Server: Will be paid for until January 2005 where the purchaser would then continue the payments, which depending could cost them $15-$27 a month if they decided to keep using the server The server itself has 3GB space, 30GB transfer, uses Cpanel in the Administrator, and has many helpful tools to help track stats and so on that some Server providers never offer.

    Content: Literally thousands of reviews, previews, news, editorials, interviews that of course would be made exclusive to you.

    Forums: vBulletin V3 that is ran and owned by someone else but they are more then happy to provide Xbox Evolved with the forums free of charge. If you were to have a problem with this you could always buy your own but why stop such a good thing? The forums are also shared with but that is up to you if you still wanted to do that.

    If you are seriously interested please e-mail me at, PM me, or IM me on AIM @ Jayfatyboombaty. If there is any question you have I would be happy to answer it. I can also give a preview of the CMS if you are very interested.

    If you would like to trade (a Mac for example) along with the remainder of the price we may also be able to do that.
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    Sep 19, 2002
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    I saw your earlier thread about your site. This must have been a hard decision for you. What will happen to your staff? Are you giving up too?
  3. XboxEvolved thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 22, 2004
    #3 was a project I helped create and I co-own, but not enough to be able to just sell that either. That project while designed out of my Xbox Evolved blueprint isn't financed by me other then I own the URL. It would be great if the buyer would like to continue the relationship, but it isn't a required thing, as he would have full control over the direction of the website.

    The staff will stay, unless they do not like the owner for whatever reason but they are mostly great people who love to write and talk about videogames.

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