Xbox2 and mac G5 the same?

Discussion in 'Games' started by rdhatfield3, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Oct 19, 2004
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    If i understand it right the xbox 2 runs on the same IBM processor (970 or 975 i think) as the mac G5. Wouldn't that mean that games coded for the new xbox be an easy port for the mac. Also wouldn't this mean that the games on the mac that were written for the xbox benefit from the code tweaks that are missing from games today. Most mac games are written for x86 and are written to take advantage of speed in that setting and so lag when ported to the mac platform.
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    Sep 16, 2003
    Well, as I understand it Yes and No.

    Yes in that, because of the processors, games written for the Xenon should scream along on a G5.

    No because the Xenon will use a proprietary OS that's just a GUI more advanced than a basic PeeCee BIOS. This means that the Xenon will reboot whenever you "run" a game. Thus, the OS is incompatible. Also, the main problem is the gfx. The box will have a specialized ATI chip that each game is specifically coded for. So the 9800 or x800 in that G5 will not be properly "calibrated" to play the games perfectly. Plus, Live games will cause a huge problem.

    Is it possible? Definately. I bet the development houses are already playing some parts of games on G5's. But, for Microsoft there isn't a real financial incentive to let people play Xenon games on a mac. They made a deal with IBM, not Apple. If they do release an emulator for the mac, expect it to cost the same as the new Box.

    However, some developers may release games on the mac and the box concurrently, if the code is similar. This is more up to Apple than the developers though.

    The answer: Yeah, they could do it, but they probably won't.
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    Yes and No.

    The XBox 2 kits were sent out on Dual 2Ghz G5 and IBM has been signed by all three console players to make the CPU for their next generation (Sony=Cell, XBox=PowerPC 970, Nintendo=PowerPC?).

    However two things to note. The XBox still runs on a modified micro kernel of Windows. NT from a while back had a PowerPC path but that was dropped (along with DEC Alpha) for Win 2K and XP.

    MS announced that they are supporting 64 bit extensions from AMD, so Intel had to play catch up. This became a non-issue when MS went with IBM for the chip. Either way it meant MS would embrace 64 bit and Windows 64 is coming for the desktop and also for the XBox.

    This is when we get to the Virtual PC purchase. It is highly likely that MS is coding many parts of the new XBox 2 kernel to run as native 64 bits. But a mass shift to 64 is not going to happen so quickly, especially for a console which is a closed loop. Witness Mac OS X taking till Tiger to really start pushing 64 bit native compatibility. We all read that Virtual PC 7 will NOT support native graphics card acceleration, and that that has been handed to the XBox 2 team exclusively to code.

    So what does this mean for your question. Yes, it may be easier to port games when the XBox 2 is out because the Virtual PC code will support native graphics card acceleration meaning that only PowerPC instructions need to be rewritten and the graphics pipeline will be much easier to port. No, it may not be that much easier because XBox 2 will still be a Windows micro-kernel albeit 64 bit ready.

    Anyone with better info please feel free to rip up my argument :)
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    Nov 4, 2003
    that, and the latest rumors are that we're looking at multi-core for Xenon.

    Which means it isn't really 970 at all...

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