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Apr 12, 2001
Apple has removed the Xgrid list from its list of publically maintained mailing lists.

The mailing list was described: "for user discussion use and deployment of Xgrid -- Apple's solution for parallel and distributed high performance computing".

Xgrid was trademarked in 2002, spawning rumors of its purpose. The mailing list attracted curious users during its brief existance, but no official discussion had begun, as Apple has not yet publicly announced Xgrid.


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May 20, 2002
middle earth
No list announcement on its demise...

Funny - I received no list announcement of its demise. This definitely seems to be a case of "whoops!" on Apple's part. Must be that they're still a ways off from announcing anything.
I wonder who got "Steve'd" as a result of this one?



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I was on that list and removed.

I find it attracted leading company principals and an alternative venue should be restarted somewhere (rec.computers.apple.clusters?) on Apple clustering and grids generally. Since users of "group computers" often have heterogeous needs, even within parallel computing, it makes sense to aggregate the discussion.

To the extent Apple can eventually evolve toward a general purpose group computer (grid, server, cluster, parallel), Apple will dominate the universe.



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Originally posted by Phil Of Mac
Starting an official mailing list for a product that hasn't been officially announced was questionable anyway. Well, another short chapter in Mac rumor history is over.

Not exactly.

Xgrid list was started because Xgrid is a "program" that exceeds a single technology, while the initial inmplementation is software to manage grids.

I believe Apple's estimate of 50,000 CPU's (assuming duals) increasing to 80,000 units in 2 years is a wild underestimate.

1. If you normalize for quad or oct propcessors, you get a multiplier effect. The whole original principal of Gx, OSX, Unix,was multiple CPU implementations. G3 for architectural reasons limited it to one. We got cheated by Motorola.

G4 allows 2. Motorola still rocks not.

G5 increased that to 2-4/card and up to 8 nodes.

If the ONLY upgrade to G6 980 was to increaseonboard to 4 and nodes to 128, it would be a "quantum leap".



Earth to Steve Jobs, please come in.


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Jun 18, 2002
near Boulder, CO. USA
The last post I got form the x-grid list was the 30th of Oct. hmmmm. Seems not only is it removed from the public list, looks like it's been steved.
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