XServe 2006: Supported Graphics Cards With HDMI or DVI with audio to hdmi


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Jun 14, 2013
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Sorry I posted here. There just isnt an Xserve forum here.
so,I have been looking at Xserves round the internet, and I am GLUED to one part:
THe Graphics. First of all, please do not post about the noise as i already know the consecuences, and to the main part: Do any of you have a Radeon 5770 or 58xx working with the Xserve? Or the PC version Gt-120s with hdmi, vga, or dvi?
In reality, I am looking for ANY card with an HDmi and, (OPTIONAL) DVI. I use a
Samsung Syncmaster TA550; 1920x1080p, any HZ; and an LG Flatron
L1953T; 1280x1024; Any HZ. The Samsung recieves the HDMI with audio, and
sends out an optical signal to the Denon AVR-982 which I use for left/right and center channels. IS there a Graphics card compatible with the Xserve on any OSX, most likely mountain lion or mavericks as i will use MLPOSTFACTOR for Ml,
So the card should be ML-COmpatible. IF thats not an option, then just put in any card that works with my config, on any OSX that this Xserve can run. I
will play for any OSX to get the graphics card working, even tiger, leopard,etc or
even Client editions of OSX. I will spend hours if I have to in order to get the Displays working. Please also consider a card that outputs dual dvi, in which
Either or both ports send an audio signal, as I do have a Passive DVi to HDmi cable that will work with the DVI+audio connector.ANd one last thing: Does the Xserve have pcie x8 that is as long as pcie x16? or does it have standard length x8 pcie? Because there are x16 Graphics cards that can run in x8 slots that are as long as pcie x16, but with half gb per second. Is this true? or are there actually pcie x8 slots that actually measure the same as pcie x16?

Thank you for any help,

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Jun 9, 2003
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Upgrade an Xserve? What a waste of time...

You definitely have a lot of questions, and it's not easy to come across info on the Xserves, but I got my first taste about two years ago and I've currently got three on the go. I've written several posts over at the Arstechnica forums where there's a pretty cool community of geniuses who collectively know just about everything, and I've spent the last two years asking and answering many of your same questions. Have a read there first then I'll happily answer anything you want to know. I'm currently trying to get audio coming out over HDMI, which is how I stumbled across your post. I do have to warn you before you go down this path however, once you go rack you'll never go back...


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Apr 3, 2014
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The driver in this thread may be useful for you.

However, the Xserve's firmware itself may not support this function. In this case, there is no solution unless Apple update the firmware or there is a firmware hack.


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Jun 9, 2003
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Even though the Xserve has no dedicated audio circuitry I see no reason why it'd be any different to using AirPlay or a USB headphone jack - OS X has no problem with the sound hitching along for the ride until it finds an outlet. I'll give it a whirl tonight, but after spending several hours yesterday wading into the murky world of UEFI and DSDT editing, I can't tell you how relieved I am!