Ye Old Mac IIci Troubles...

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by LimeiBook86, Jun 21, 2003.

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    This is a long post but please hear me out, I have a very wierd problem with many things that must be stated. If you will please read this post I will be very happy. :)

    Well, I have a Mac IIci, it boots up and it has system 7.0.1 on it. Anyway I want to put Mac OS System 7.6 on it, ( I herd I could put 8 on there but I'll get into that later :cool:) I have an external SCSI CD-ROM drive, 2x speed I think. I opened the drive up and it said NEC. So I donwloaded some old NEC drivers for the IIci. I installed them. But When I insert a Mac OS 7.6 CD into the drive the lights on the drive blink, then the busy ligtht just blinks forever, nothing happens, The Mac doesn't freeze but it won't read the CD.:( I also tried holding C at startup to boot into the CD but still no luck.

    Well the reason I want system 7.6 is so I can go on the internet with the Mac. I have a cable modem and I have a NuBus AAUI Ethernet card and adapter. The card works fine I?m sure but, the IIci lacks the software for it (AppleTalk Contol Panel, TCP/IP, ect.). If I could at least do file sharing then I can put some files on the machine but I can?t since the Mac doesn?t even have the software for me to share files.

    The only way I can put files onto my Macintosh IIci is to put the Hard Drive in a SCSI case and connect it to my G3 Desktop, then I can drag and drop files. Otherwise none of my computers have a floppy drive, except for the PC and the IIci, thus I cannot transfer files. I would like to just wipe the IIci?s HD clean and install 7.6 but the CD-ROM drive isn't working right. If I try to install OS 7.6 through my G3 it says that the OS can?t be installed on my machine. All the CD?s I try are originals and not burned. I have used the CD-ROM drive in the past using a program called CD-ROM toolkit. If I could find this software that would be good ( I remember a IIcx I used to have used the CD-ROM drive with CD-ROM toolkit flawlessly) :eek:

    Also I have been following an ?Install OS 8 on older Mac? tutorial and the reason I stopped is because the Mac can?t read the OS 8 CD to install it.

    I have a crazy Idea :rolleyes:, maybe you would know if it would work. What if I used a SCSI (internal) wire to connect the HD and CD-ROM (taken out of its case) to the motherboard on the IIci and then I use a internal drive power cable adapter (1 cord to 2) to power both drives?Then would the IIci read Cds? I don?t mind having a CD-ROM drive sticking out of my Mac I just want a new OS on the IIci so I can actually transfer file on it.

    If possible do any of you know where I can download AppleTalk and/or any other software that would make it possible for my IIci to do File Sharing? Can anyone provide me with a list of files that I need? Then I could download internet files to do web surfing and maybe set up an Server. If I have File Sharing then I won?t have to install an OS from a CD I might be able to do it over the network. Any help would be wonderful!

    BTW SCSI Disk Mode wouldn't happen to work with desktops as well eh? :p

    Feel free to contact me via AIM (ibookdude1546) or e-mail (
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    If you're really patient you could make floppies from the "Disk Images" folder on the CD, I actually used this very method to install 7.6 on my LC III just yesterday! But you'll need a lot of disks and a lot of patience.

    Anyway, if you do decide to do this, you'll need WinImage so that you can write Mac disks on your PC with the floppy drive. Put the 7.6 CD in your "good" Mac, transfer the images across to the PC via the network, then write them to floppies using WinImage.

    I know this certainly isn't the best way to get it all going, but it should work if you run out of options.
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    Re: Ye Old Mac IIci Troubles...

    I commend your efforts to keep your old Mac hardware going!

    I'm not sure what you can do about your CD-ROM drive troubles, but I do know that OS 7.1 does have all of the necessary elements to connect through a cable modem. It's a much smaller OS than 7.6.

    Of course, I know this because for years I used my Powerbook 180 to connect to the internet via a cable modem, until I gave it to my sister last year. However, 7.0.1 should have come with most or all of the elements for ethernet access to the internet as well, or you can get the necessary parts.

    What you need is MacTCP, a control panel which will run under OS 7.0.1 up to 7.5 or 7.6. With that, you should be able to use your cable modem, and you won't have to update your whole OS.
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    Horay! Replies! Thnaks, I'll look into those... I have at least one working Floppy Disk, lol I'll let you know how it turns out

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