YEA!!! I finally got the deal on my new G5!!!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by 2A Batterie, Jul 9, 2004.

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    Jun 9, 2004
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    :D I woke up first thing this morning got out my pitchfork and poked Apple's proverbial hay (as David St. Hubbins would say)! Some of you may remember me pouting and whining yesterday as I had a refurb 2.0 G5 for $1999 in my cart yesterday, only to checkout with all of them being sold out! I waited so long for a G5 deal and to just miss it drove me crazy!!! I'm currently spending my life's saving on a project studio based around Mac, so every $ I can save counts. I almost purchased a new G5 (along with another $11,000 in pro audio gear :eek: )from a reseller yesterday after I lost my refurb deal, but I posted my frustration on the forum and the general feedback everyone gave me was to wait. Thanks for the advice, and thank God I did! I made sure to get up early in the event that they would repost some refurb deals and I jumped on my order before 6:00am pst (easy for me at 8:30est). If anyone else is looking to take the plunge and save some$$ , I would suggest waiting to buy a refurb model from Apple. This is my VERY FIRST MAC!!! :D :D :D I'm king of the world!! (at least the one in my head!)
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    Jul 28, 2003
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    Congratulations on finally getting the order through. When you get your new computer, I'm sure you'll be full of things to share with us and I'm sure your questions will abound. We'll be here. ;) Congrats on your purchase, and Welcome to Macintosh.

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