yet another ipod ripoff

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by theipodgod16, May 30, 2004.

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    Dec 27, 2002
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    From the review:

    This gets Cnet's 'Editors' Choice'?? :confused:
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    Jun 19, 2003
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    What a craptastic device.

    OK. While I do think that there are other OEMs out that that have features and specs that do kick the crap out of the iPod the idea that this device should get an editors' Choice award is stupid.

    Yes the pros list is rather extensive:

    -Does OGG which is a damn good codec.
    -Is the thinnest MP3 player around
    -Faster transfer rate then the iPod
    -Longer battery life.
    -built in FM tuner with audio capture options up to 384kb/s in MP3 format.
    -Analog line in.
    -built in mic.

    But the cons are major:

    No built in disply or controls. Its all handled through the provided remote. This is critically stupid. They are sacrificing functionality all in the name of getting the device as small as possible. Did it EVER occure to the reviewer that since you HAVE to carry around this remote with you in the end its as bulky as the iPod anyways!?!? Moron.
    -10 seconds to "boot up" I don't know what boot up means but if this just means turning it on that alone should have dropped it from the editors' Choice award. These are consumer devices people. Do I have to wait 10 seconds to turn on my car radio? Do I have to wait 10 seconds to flip on my TV or DVD player (OK so my DVD may take like 5.) Consumer devices are intended to be instant on. 10 seconds is asinine.
    -Doesn't do ANY of the online Music stores because it doesn't support AAC or DRMed WMA. Umm yah. Whatever.
    -File transfer isn't even done through any of the apps. Its a file drag and drop procedure. WTF?!?
    -Requires 2 cables to use. 1 from the device to the remote and then another to the headphones. Double WTF?!!? :eek:

    I know exactly what happened. The reviewer got too enamored with the features and the size to consider what the cons were. IMHO while I would take a Dell Jukebox if you handed me one I sure as heck would NOT use this thing. Its a POS design.

    As for them copying Apple. Please. Apple has not reason to have open slots on the side of the case. This device does. How else are you going to control the thing? :rolleyes: This device is such a departure from the iPod both in form, function, features, and prob price you really can't claim that they are copying Apple.



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