Yet Another Switcher Story (Y.A.S.S.)

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by kriegman, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. kriegman macrumors newbie

    Dec 26, 2002
    I had no real intention on switching; I saw the new iMac and told my wife that it would be great as a second computer. “It would be great to have one upstairs and in the kitchen for listening to music, getting recipes and checking emails” was the line I fed here.

    I bought the 700Mhz combo drive model without consent and was in the doghouse for weeks over it. But into the kitchen it went, and it did all the aforementioned without so much as a glitch.

    There were things as a windows user that at first drove me bonkers. The windows not resizing to the full screen was a big one. It really did not feel very “snappy”. Things moved but not at a blazing speed that I was hoping for.

    But other things began to endear themselves to me, like the Aqua interface as a whole, the ease of installing and removing programs, the fact that applications as a whole run more solidly then their windows counterparts.

    So over time I began to spend more and more time with the kitchen computer and less with my PC downstairs.

    I upgraded to Jaguar, which was an improvement, but the interface still feels a bit slow. Bought an Aircard for it. Added more memory (up to 768MB now), bought an iPod, and networked a printer. My PC was now being used for two main purposes, Kazaa and games. (VPC has taken care of one of those, the other is sorely lacking on the mac platform).

    Recently I moved from Detroit to Miami to take a promotion in my company and had to make some tough decision on my household goods. Part went to my younger brother who is starting off after collage, part to storage, part to goodwill, and the last to come down to a much smaller rented abode.

    The PC was given away.

    I became a Switcher at that point. Why? A lot of reasons, but to touch on the main ones:

    Aesthetic; there is not a computer made today that gives me such pure visual pleasure as the iMac.

    Privacy; Microsoft really ticked me with the product registration requirements of the XP series of software. Plus their Trusted Computing is even more frightening to me.

    My Wife; She can use it. I mean USE it. That never happened with the PC. She was always confused and wary of it. Cryptic messages would always appear and she would just stop using it concerned that it would break.

    This upcoming January if there is a 19” model that is introduced, I will be selling the 15” iMac I bought and upgrading. That is the commitment I have to this platform and company. I have never upgraded so quickly a system as I am willing to do now.

    Is the iMac perfect? No. I really do feel that it is a slower system than a PC, and the lack of games hurts it.

    But those two shortcomings are outweighed by the sheer joy and pleasure of owning a computer that really does just work.

  2. jes13 macrumors member

    Dec 31, 2002
    Thank YOU for your switching story! I've been looking and pondering and thinking about 'switching' for a LONG time. But Macs ARE so expensive :-(. I HATE Windows too, so I wouldn't miss that. I would probably buy the Hoyle for times I just need something else to do. Hope they come out with Pinball (my son has one in his home - I got hooked). But I'm not 'really' into 'games so I won't miss that either. I'm told I can still have my e-mails, and with a new (first) Grandchild - I love to 'receive' movies and pics of him <g>... Jeanne
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    Jan 1, 2002
    Sandy Eggo - MacRumors Member since 1-1-2002
    Nice story

    Welcome, kriegman.:D

    You've discovered what all Mac users appreciate...the most multi-use device ever created (the computer) wrapped up in something that's just a kick and joy to use and even look at.

    You have discovered your "inner taste". A Ford is nice and it'll get you to where you are going, but does it give you that extra "kick" even when it's sitting idle in the driveway?

    That's the number one secret of Apple and Steve's whole thing...they make computers and operating systems that do that. And for those who have it inside of them to spend a few bucks more for that joy, it's well worth it. That's why we pay a little bit more...the intangibles that the PC world doesn't appreciate nor "get".

    Now go out and buy that Bang & Olufsen and get the same feeling for your home stereo system. :p

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