Yet another tracking database.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by iShater, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Aug 13, 2002
    I swear I lost track of how many databases were are being digitized into.

    Is 1984 around the corner? Is it a V-for Vendetta world? Is our genetic code going to go in a database to track potential issues in the future that might harm the "state"?
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    We began 1984 with Nixon's imperial presidency and the 'Huston Plan'. Few people know that the primary goal of the Watergate cover-up was to keep the plan secret. One can actually hear this from Nixon's own words. I believe it was from the tape where they are discussing the pay-off to Howard Hunt. Nixon says (not an exact quote), "Well, we can raise the million dollars, that is not a problem. Doesn't everyone agree that protecting the plan is what is most important? We cannot let the plan become known".

    The Huston Plan was the formula for a wide variety of illegal actions, by the administration; illegal surveillance, illegal wiretaps, kidnapping, fire-bombing, break-ins, etc. These actions were carried out against anyone the administration perceived as an enemy (which was just about everyone). It was also used as the framework for the Bush II security plan(s).

    The world Aldous Huxley describes in 1984 is already upon us. We citizens need to come to grips with that frightening realization. There are deniers of course. But, I think most do it because they find admitting its truth, is far to frightening to deal with. However, the evidence is plainly visible to anyone who is paying attention.


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