Yosuke Hayashi Talks Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Discussion in 'Games' started by fiercetiger224, Apr 8, 2007.

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    A little tidbit from the article:

    Source: Game Informer

    The rest of the article is pretty much positive, which could be a good thing for Sony and Tecmo. I want my Ninja Gaiden Sigma... :D At least there's ONE developer that's not bitching about developing on the PS3. :p Oh and uhh, this guy also says it's not a remake or straight-up port...
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    Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
    This guy I respect...By his words...shut up and do your jobs...stop all that hating s***.

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    Jan 27, 2004
    Exactly my point. Nobody's making them develop for the PS3 either. They just wanna moan because they can't get it to do what they want it to do. Why did they get a job like that in the first place? There's always a way to do something, no matter how hard you wanna deny it. I like this guy. :D

    A little off-topic, but you know, the reason why there's so much hating in the first place is because of Gamestop and EB employees. I went to my local EB Games the other day, and the first thing I hear when I walk in:

    Customer: Do you guys have any PS3 or Wiis?

    Employee: We don't have any Wiis, but we have PS3s. Except nobody wants them, and I recommend you not get one, and get a 360 instead.

    C: But I didn't mention a 360 did I? It doesn't have the games I want on it.

    E: Well, you shouldn't waste your money on a PS3 because it's got mostly the same games on it. 360s got better games right now, and PS3 ain't gettin sh*t. Why do you think it's not selling?

    C: Because of people like you. It's not up to you to decide on what I want, I know what I want. Why don't you just do your job and sell whatever you can? No wonder the PS3 is not selling. Can I get my PS3 now?

    I walked away after hearing that, and it's definitely one of the reasons WHY it isn't selling as well as it should. Why do Gamestop/EB employees try and stop you from buying a PS3?
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    I stop buying from them since they act like that. I buy games from a place that doesnt ask you to buy 360 games. That place is called amazon. If I do go to the gamestop near my dorm, I only go when the manager is there.
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    I've heard 2 conversations like that. I think I posted it here, but one was some guy wanting put a pre-order down on a PS3, the shop guy said "why not buy a 360 today instead?". The guy walked away with a 360. And some other woman was asking about a PS3. The shop guy asked if she had a HDTV, she said no and didn't plan on buying one and walked off with a PS2/Gamecube instead.

    Was a long time ago though.

    And I seriously doubt it's just shop clerks that are the main cause of the PS3's less-than-expected sales.

    Anywho, to the article...
    Isn't Sigma just an update to an Xbox game? It sort of knocks the article down a little bit, if this guy made a dedicated game for the PS3 then it would be a "beacon". Doesn't show much confidence really.
    It takes what, a few seconds to say "It's difficult to do". It's hardly some week-long interview that prevents them from making a game, they are just quick comments that don't hold back production for any length of time. Also if its too difficult to do then the game won't get made at all.

    Maybe it's lost in translation or whatever, that just sounds wrong on my end.
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    Jan 27, 2004
    Yeah same here. Newegg is actually another place to get games. They usually have it like $5 cheaper or more, plus shipping, but no tax. So you can sometimes pick it up cheaper from them, not to mention fast shipping. :D

    But yeah, that really wasn't the only time I heard something like that. I've actually been to 3 other Gamestops in the last three months and there are similar conversations on why you shouldn't buy a PS3 and buy a 360 instead. One of them had an employee using profane language to get his point across, which is really disrespectful. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, back on topic. Hayashi has some very good points in the article about development. If you have a very powerful hardware, you should have to work to get the most out of it, not get lazy and just get something out of it. That's why going multi-platform will have many business decisions made about getting the most out of the hardware. Sacrifices have to be made, such as having one lead development platform (such as 360), then having the rest ported over to other consoles. Obviously EA is one of those such companies. It would be extremely expensive now for the company to have several different teams working separately for each console. I'm beginning to wonder about games like Devil May Cry and GTA now going multi-platform, if they're going to have separate teams working hard for each console, and not doing a port job. I'm just glad MGS4 is staying exclusive, otherwise it'd probably end up being not as good as it should be. Same goes for Final Fantasy, even though I lost track of it after FFX...

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