You can now Recycle Cd's! This is not Political!

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    This was an article writen in the local paper in Olympia. You can recycle Cd's and they want your unwanted AOL Cd's to return them to AOL! Read more!

    Give it a spin: Deal with your unwanted CDs


    Online extras

    • The Thurston County Department of Water and Waste Management Web site has information on how to dispose of most household items safely :

    • Community Recycle Days are April 17 and 24:Click here for details on this event made for people looking to unload hard-to-recycle items

    • CDs are made of several layers of material.Learn more at

    So you're not interested in subscribing to America Online, but those CDs just keep coming in the mail.

    If you burn CDs and find you don't want what you've burned, you have even more CDs to unload.

    What can you do to avoid sending them all to the landfill?

    Consider these options for reducing, reusing and recycling.

    - GreenDisk: This Sammamish-based company recycles a variety of "technotrash," including CDs, CD-Rs CD-RWs, DVDs (and their plastic jewel cases), along with computer diskettes and video and audio tapes.

    GreenDisk started out to serve corporations -- such as Boeing, the Federal Aviation Administration and Washington Mutual Bank -- in need of secure software disposal.

    GreenDisk, however, also has a program for consumers willing to mail their recyclables. Fees are 15 cents per pound with a minimum charge of $5, plus the postage you pay to mail the materials.

    Visit under personal recycling for an online form and send your CDs to GreenDisk Services, 2200 Burlington, Columbia, MO 65202. Mark the outside of the box with the letters "PEP" for Personal Electronics Program and enclose a check for GreenDisk Services.

    Call 800-359-4607 for credit card transactions.

    Though GreenDisk doesn't make money recycling the CDs, fees cover labor for workers with disabilities at processing plants in four states. The CDs are recycled for polycarbonate plastics, which can be made into automotive parts or egg-holder compartments for refrigerators. Visit the company's site for more information.

    - No More AOL CDs: This is the place to make a political statement with your unwanted AOL CDs. Jim McKenna and John Lieberman, based in El Cerrito, Calif., started their campaign in August 2001 to publicly shame America Online for its direct-mail advertising.

    They've asked annoyed residents who receive unsolicited CDs to mail their CDs -- CDs only, not the packaging -- to No More AOL CDs, 1601 Navellier St., El Cerrito, CA 94530.

    After McKenna and Lieberman acquire 1 million CDs, the men will, they say, "transport the CDs in an armada of trucks or something and give them back to their rightful owners, AOL."

    McKenna said it's taking a while to reach the 1 million mark.

    "We take our biggest leaps forward when AOL releases a new version as they send out lots, and all the previous-version discs become obsolete," McKenna said in an e-mail. "If AOL leads the I.T. industry by stopping their practice of sending out unsolicited CDs, we'll have accomplished our goal."

    Visit for more information.

    - Reduce: If you are using CDs for data storage, look into using DVDs instead, recommend the folks at Worldwise, a San Rafael, Calif.-based environmental consumer products company. Though DVDs can be more expensive, you can store more data while using less material.

    Remember, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are read-only and can be used only to play what is already burned onto them -- usually music, a software program or a movie. But there also are re-writable CD-RWs and DVD-RWs designed for data storage that can be reburned up to 1,000 times, according to

    - Reuse: Craft projects are a great way to use CDs because you don't have to expend resources to send them across the country.

    They can be cut up easily with household scissors to make whatever you please -- ranging from holiday decorations to funky wall boarders for your teenager's room. They can be strung together to create costumes for Halloween or the Procession of the Species, too.

    Here are a few more ideas from and Pagewise, Inc.:

    - Drink coasters -- Buy a piece of corkboard from a craft store, cut four 1-inch by 1-inch squares and glue them to the printed side of the CD. Leave the shiny side up as your coaster.

    - Disco balls -- Cut up a CD into 1/2-inch squares and glue them to the outside of a ball. Hang the ball from the ceiling and shine lights on it.

    - Reflectors -- Use as reflectors on fenceposts, bicycles, driveways or anywhere you want to call attention to something in the dark.

    - Garden row markers -- Write the name of the species with a permanent marker on the CD. Cut the edges of each into a flower shape. Glue or tack the CD to a stick and put in the ground to mark your garden rows.

    - Steppingstones: Use them to add mosaic accents to stone pathways in your yard.

    - Scarecrows: Hang CDs in your garden to scare away the crows.

    - Trade or donate: If the CD or DVD is music or a movie and you just don't want it anymore, put it back into circulation by trading it in at a music store that accepts used CDs and DVDs, or donate it to charity organization or your local library.

    Every Tuesday in Living, we'll help you find places to dispose of everything from electronics to hazardous materials. If you have any creative ideas for reducing, reusing or recycling, contact Sarah Jackson at 360-704-6871 or
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    old thing.

    i saw something about it last year.

    i use the cds as beer matcs / coasters .. and the cd case, i send cds to my friend (i buy them in the cases of 100, so now cases wiht). why would i spend a stamp to send it to aol if i can use at least part of it? :confused:
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    I like the idea of recycling old CDs, but like other types of recycling, until it becomes more convienent and cheaper for people. :(

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