You guys bitch too much


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I know I'm gonna catch hell for this.....but someone has to say it.

You guys bitch about everything! Apple comes out with a new product, and all across the boards are complaints and whines about what they didn't do instead of giving praise for at least coming out with something new and different. Sure the iPod is a bit on the expensive side, but give the negative remarks a rest would ya! It's not that big of a let down that Apple released a product that's the size of a deck of cards and has 5 gig of storage space....not to mention a firewire connection. Most of you would complain if Apple hadn't come out with a new product, but they did and you still whine about it. Get over it and start looking at the glass half full for once!


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Jul 20, 2001

Wait a minute. You are creating a thread, bitching about other people bitching?


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Jun 7, 2001
Well someone had to do it. As for the irony how would you try to do it?


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Apr 26, 2001
no its not, a true gripe points out good and bad points in an unbiased way.

Windows geeks complain about everything apple puts out and they will always say PCs are better no-matter what.
They are like every other type of zealot in that they are just malevolent sacks of sh*t.

I hate zealots.


Jul 9, 2000

there are many pc zealots who won't look at the facts objectively but many mac users make the pc zealots look fair by comparison

where there are convinced pc users in the pc camp, there are cultists in the mac group who treat steve jobs like jim jones or something and that is scary


Jul 9, 2000
re: zealots

that said, i have to admit there are no pc ceo types that have enough personality to introduce a new pc product in an exciting way like steve jobs

for a techie, if there was one mac guru to be highly impressed by, it would be the other steve, the one we know as the woz

and that common comment of hp starting silicon valley, they started the valley that just encompassed part of the santa clara valley in a then cottage industry

...but it was the woz's invention of a computer designed for the everyday user that made the silicon valley "region" which now officially includes four and a half counties...santa clara, san mateo, city and county of san francisco, santa cruz county, and half of alameda county (according to the business district known as the silicon valley region who puts out the annual report, "silicon valley 150"

the zealots need to follow the woz if they want to find someone who is worthy...of the four main characters on "pirates of silicon valley", it is only the woz that was an engineer

granted, the woz was not a businessman like gates but wozniak made it all happen and without him, we may have not had the personal computer if hp and ibm caught wind of the idea to take the market and shift it mostly to homes instead of enterprise businesses...they could have literally killed the idea of a home computer and we would not even be online like we are now

and maybe the internet would still just be an unknown thing called arpanet used only by the government, military, and universities