iPhone You "old timers" are going to laugh at me, but for a JB noob like me......

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by dcpmark, Feb 5, 2013.

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    ......this ***** is awesome!!!!!

    I came to the iPhone 5 from Android as my first iPhone, and I never bothered to root any of my Android phones. For the most part the customization was already there. I was hugely invested in the Apple ecosystem with my computers, ATV, and tablets, so I jumped as soon as the iPhone had LTE. The iPhone 5 was great for the most part, but I missed things like widgets, toggles, and the way notifications worked in Android.

    This JB stuff is fantastic, so easy to do, and just NCSettings and Activator alone make it all worthwhile. I can't imagine what other cool stuff I'll find here.

    Ok.....I'm done. Resume laughing at my noobness....:)
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    I agree. This is only my second jailbreak but it makes the iPhone as perfect as we can make it within the hardware limitations (size). I am deep in iTunes and Apple as well, so my stay in Android land was only a few days. I am hoping the rumors of a 4.5-4.8" iPhone come true this year. Aside from that though, the jailbreak lets me add the few things that are missing from the standard software and make the whole thing more enjoyable to me.
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    So you're the noob that's been clogging up the servers! Get him boys!

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