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Jan 23, 2005
Commadore PET - Used an audio cassette for storage. Took about fifteen minutes to load my "counter program" (counted to one hundred...that's it.) BASIC OS.

Apple 2c - Suitcase like case, white on green display, LODERUNNER!

IBM PS-2 with the Microchannel bus! Now that was a winner! Intel 286 and Windows 286! I think this set me back $4000 or something which in today's dollars is about... $50,000?

Stuck with the PS-2 (I think it was because of the keyboards) but on to the 386. Sold the 286 for $2000 and picked up the new model for maybe $6k. That included the Zenith picture tube but flat screen monitor... 17 inch and weighed 50 lbs....but that was an impressive monitor. Bought a 486 upgrade kit and when the hard drives hit the magic $2 per MB barrier I installed a 500 MB drive for only $1k! Uh, the PS-2 didn't have much of an internal fan so the whole sytem overheated my apartment.....motherboard eventually fried.

Compaq, Gateway, Thinkpads, Dell. -My first wireless network cost me about $2,500 for three computers and a printer.

Today I am awaiting my G5....all this could have been avoided if those first Macs were just compatible with my llc software! Anyone know how I can get loderunner to run in OS-X?


Jun 18, 2004
In reverse order
iMac G5 17" 1.8 Ghz
iBook G3 12" 700Mhz c.2001
Gateway Pentium 120Mhz c.1995
Breifly experienced an Apple Mac 75Mhz c.1992 Don't know what it was I think it was a performa all in one
Compaq 25Mhz c.1991 (1st Office job)
BBC Micro at school
Sometime in 1983-4 a friend had a 'PC' that had a tape drive to load the cutting edge games. It also had a spiral bound book of around 50 games where you entered pages of code to load the game only to find you couldn't type properly on the soft rubber keys and wasted 10mins before starting again.


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III.

*** long, long time ***

Mac IIci.

BeBox (dual-66 and dual-133 versions).

Dell Pentium II (sorry).

Mac 800MHz iMac flat-screen.

dual-2.0GHz PM.

I've had access to many others, and various employers have provided me with quite a few, but those are the only ones I've owned - and the Trash-80 was a family computer my parents bought. Loved it, though, but hated the cassette-deck interface.


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Aug 10, 2004
I remember my best friend having a comodore 64 and of course a Timex sinclair.

My first was a Mac Classic, then a power computing 150 mhz then a dual 450 (still have) added emac 1.25 for kids and 12" 1.33 for me and wife.

dr bognus

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i cant give you the exact mac history of our family

mac classic, broke bout 96

powerbook 180c, currently residing in my room and is fully working

performa or something, broke before classic

and the ones still in general use...

blueberry imac, love it but kinda outdated

2x snow ibook 1 early 01, 1 early 02

1x rev 1 powerbook g4

and of course a compaq presario with win95

however this is not just me and the only one that is mine is the snow ibook 01 but it is going to be updated in the summer probably


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Jun 3, 2002
Timex Sinclair
epson (?) 286 running DOS
epson (?) 386 running Windows 3.1
Pentium I running Windows 95 (homebuilt)
Gateway PIII now running Debian
AMD Athlon Mobile running XP (homebuilt)
GSI ifriend Intel Celeron running XP (kids machine)
IBM Thinkpad running Win2000 (wifes machine)
Powerbook runnin 10.3 (my work machine)

edit:for spelling

Lord Blackadder

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May 7, 2004
Sod off
Hey, we just did this last week - but the thread died out sort of quickly. I'll post the short version this time:

My family:
TRS-80 Color Computer II
Apple II+/IIe (one of each)
Quadra 610
iBook clamshell 300 MHz G3
Rev. D iMac 350MHz G3
Powerbook 180c (used, MY first personal Mac)
Rev.C iMac 266 MHz G3
Powermac G4 (see sig)

I also managed to acquire 2x IIsi, a IIfx, a Powerbook 160, a Performa 475, a Powermac 6100 and a Gateway Celeron 700 along the way.

Ambrose Chapel

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Jul 24, 2002
a used commodore 64 i got from my aunt which IIRC was DOA
apple ][c
apple ][gs
Mac Color classic (my comp for 4 yrs of college)
LC 475
Power Mac 7200
Power Mac 5200
Power Mac 5400
Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)
PowerBook G4 (DVI)

the color classic and 5400 are still in my parents' house, still work. i boot the classic once a year or so when i visit. i'll be upgrading my PB next year, hopefully to a Rev B PBG5!


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Apr 27, 2003
Bradford, UK
Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the early 80's - Thrown out, working, with complete packaging (and accessories) just before they became collectable!
IBM PS/2 in the early 90's - Traded in for an IBM 486
IBM 486 SX25 in '93 - Great machine, still running as a firewall!
Gateway 2000 DX/2 66 in '95 - Rock solid machine, only just died last year
PCWorld Celeron 500 in '99 - Blew up in a spectacular fashion after the 12 month warranty expired
iMac DV 400 in 2000 - Macs ever since...

Chip NoVaMac

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Dec 25, 2003
Northern Virginia
First was the Atari 400 and the latest is an eMac 1.25ghz.

In between I have had in no particular order: Hyundai PC, Amstrand "suitcase portable", an Atari XE, Apple //e and //c, and HP Pavilion, and a Sony Vaio.


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Mar 29, 2004
Acer 486, 100mhz, Windows 95 (1996)
Dell, 800mhz, Windows ME (2001) now has Windows XP Pro
G4 powerbook,1.33ghz, Mac OS X (mid 2004)


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Feb 19, 2003
Family Computers...
My 2nd Grade: Apple IIgs
My 7th Grade: 486 DX 33mhz - Custom Built
My Sophmore Year: 233mhz Pentium 2 - Custom Built

My Computers...
My Junior Year: 333mhz Pentium2 - Custom Built
My 1st year college... upgraded to 400mhz AMD K6... months later crawling back to intel... 400mhz Celeron w. tyan motherboar (my fav pc)
My first year out of college... dual Pentium 3 1gz 1GB Ram
2003: PowerBook 12" 1ghz
2004: G3 beige 266 then a 333, G3 B/W 400
2005: Bought a 1.42 Mac Mini G4 on the 22nd of January.

11 computers i have in one way or another owned since about 88. :)


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May 13, 2004
East Coast
TRS-80 16k (Still have, still works)
TRS-80 32k (Still have, still works)
Tandy T1000 (Still have, still works)
IBM Clone 66mhz 486
Homebuilt Cyrix P166
Homebuilt Cyrix P450
Homebuilt AMD 1.2 ghz (Primary system)
Compaq 715US Laptop (Wicked overheating problem. Crashes after a few minutes. JUNK!)
12" Powerbook G5 :D


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Jun 10, 2003
London, Ontario
My first machine was a Packard Bell 386sx 16mhz machine with 4mb of ram and a 1mb video card (circa 1993). I had a 300MB HDD that i used an app called stacker to double my disk space magically :)

Next i got a 40MHz 486 box that i put together myself. Had a 2gb hdd (cost a fortune!) and 16mb of 30pin SIMMs. A very nice machine that i rocked out to for many years. (circa 1994)

My next box was an old Cyrix based machine. This thing was garbage. Had a Cyrix 120MHz processor, 64MB of PC100 SDRAM and a 4MB S3 Videocard wiht a 3D accelerator!! and it was unstable as all hell. Shortly after that, i got a new AOpen socket 7 mobo and an Intel Pentium 233+MMX and all was well with the world because i could play half life with mad settings for the time. (circa 1996)

That machine saw several upgrades including a 16MB VooDoo Banshee, 13GB Quantam Fireball HDD and a 16x CD-RW which at the time was UBER EXPENSIVE! The machine is still being used on a daily basis by my parents.

After that i jumped to my AMD K6-2 500 machine. It was based on a Gigabyte mobo and had a 2x AGP Voodoo 3 on it. I went nuts on the RAM and got 1GB even though i didnt need it and also had 100GB of storage space in that machine. Didnt have much luck with it though and kept blowing up motherboards. So i got rid of the Gigabyte board and processor and got an Asus P5A board and K6-2m 550MHz processor. Overclocked it to 650MHz and ran it for about 6months before selling it to get my Athlon machine. (circa 1998)

Next machine was an origninal Athlon at 900MHz. Got the processor shortly after its launch and overclocked it to 1.1GHz which kicked ass because it was the fastest machine on the block! I went with an ATi Xpert2000 with 64MB of vram. I also had 1gb of ram in this machine too with the same hdd config that i had in the last machine. Also durring this time i had a Sony Viao laptop that ran a K6-2 550. That machine died 3 weeks after buying it off eBay.(circa 1999)

Kept that machine around for ages. Ended up putting an Athlon XP 1800+ chip in it and overclocking it to 2GHz with watercooling and also swapped the board out to the first MSI board with the KT400 chipset (cant remember name of mobo)(circa 2002)! Got 1GB of DDR400 Ram and had almost 2TB worth of hdds in there. Used that machine to get me through college and sold it off once i was done my MCSE course in college for my iBook (current specs in sig). (circa2003)

My last machine purchase was a used B&W PowerMac. This machine is basically an iTunes server and a machine to use whenever my iBook breaks. These are all of my main desktop rigs. The servers and seccond machines are another story all together.


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Jan 11, 2003
family computers:

Macintosh Plus
Macintosh Classic
Macintosh IIsi
Macintosh LC II

my computers:

PowerBook 145
PowerBook 520c
some PowerTower Pro model...I forget which one
PowerBook G3 Series (Wall Street)
Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)
Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz

...and I loved them all, even that IBM PC Jr., which was still running up until 2 years ago.


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Jan 20, 2005
TRS-80 baby.
PentiumPro 150Mhz
Mac G4 400Mhz
Mac G4 867Mhz
Mac Dual G5 1.8Ghz
PowerBook 12" 1.33Ghz.

Everything switched over to giga in the last year. Gigabytes of memory, gigahertz of speed, and now Terabytes of HD space. Yeah baby!!


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Jul 1, 2003
Somewhere between age 4-7:

Macintosh IIci >> I think this is what I had in my room. Mother brought it back from work...mainly used it for the strange assortment of games on there, in addition to playing with the MacPaint software...mostly doodling lol.

Middle school: 95 box w/ Pentium 1 233Mhz (Starcraft days).
High school: Nutech (Mom & Pop company) K7 box; 98SE w/ 800 Athlon TBird running on the A7V chipset (one of the first chipsets with ATA100).

-Freshmen year: implanted a 1600+ (running @ 1155Mhz, not 1400Mhz b/c of crippled FSB on the A7V).

-around February the unlocked bridges on the 1600+ short out, I need a new computer. I build what would be my current box, in my sig, with the OC-friendly 2100+ (that would run @ 2600+, the chip that was $200 more at the time).
-Sophmore year: Win an iBook @ my university bookstore drawing. First Mac in a LONG time.
-summer I upgrade from my 2100+ chip to a 2600+ Mobile Barton.


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Mar 6, 2003
Toronto, Canada
1. First used an IBM XT, where I spent millions of hours playing Civilization, and learning MS DOS
2. Snuck down every night to use 386 running Win3.1 which had a modem, so I could go on BBSes
3. Got my first computer of my very own: Amiga 2000, which was at one parent's home. Started programming C, C++ on it
4. Pentium 75 running Win95, at other parents' home
5. Crappy IBM 386 notebook, which I hoped to do school stuff on, but battery life sucked...
6. AMD K6-2 400 running WinME, which was my primary computer for years, until I switched
7. iMac 333 running Jaguar
8. iBook 700 running Panther

And right now, setting up a PowerMac G4 Dual 450 for my friend, so she can ditch her crappy old windows box.


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Nov 14, 2003
Washington, DC
Glad to see another Amiga user in there. Ah the Amiga...Denise, Paula, Fat Agnus...

Commodore 64
Amiga 500 (1989-1992)
Centris 610 (1993-1999)
iMac 233Mhz(Rev.B) (1999-2001)
iBook (500Mhz) (2001-present)
eMac (1Ghz) (2003-present)

Waiting on that Powerbook G5 (or something cool) for my next one. The ol
iBook is getting a little sad...


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May 10, 2004
Past > Present, equidistant means concurrent ;)

- Amstrad CPC464 (plus)
- Sega Master System
-- Gameboy (original)
-- Gen. 1 Pentium 120
-- (Upgrade to P200MMX, Win98, original box lasted me about 5 years!)
--- Athlon XP 1600+
--- iBook SE466
---- iBook (ice) G3 900
----- Shuttle based P4 2.4
----- iBook G4 800
------ Athlon XP (Barton) 2800 (Present day)
------ Powerbook G4 1.33

Really not many, actually. It's crazy that the machines I had longest, the CPC and the Gen. 1 Pentium were, with hindsight, really crappy for their time.


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Jan 23, 2005
Thanks everyone for the tour back in time. I forgot all about the Cyrix processor, Stacker, and the old llc external 3.5" floppy. Those were exciting times though. I remember when you could go into Egghead or CompUSA and it was a store full of geeks who really knew what they were talking about!

Well, the Mac will be new to me but it will be nice never to regedit again! Seems I'm in the right OS as everyone's computer history seems to be familiar to me.

Thanks again all.


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Jan 20, 2005
I remember when the Pentium 100mhz were released. One of my friends bought one for $4000. He bragged about it to complete strangers. It was so funny seeing him bringing up the topic of his computer in every conversation he had.