Your iPod as a remote control

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    (copied and pasted here by me from MacMinute)

    Don't look for the PodMate on Griffin's site -- you won't find it. PodMate is still being designed, but unlike other companies that want to keep things quiet, company President Paul Griffin wants feedback on his iPod add-on that turns the handheld music player into a remote control for a TV, stereo, VCR, or most other IR devices.

    "We are now working on the software to allow users to pick the devices they want to control from a menu on the iPod and control multiple devices at the same time," Griffin told MacMinute.

    "The feedback to it here at the show has been tremendous." The marble-sized device plugs into the iPod's audio-out port and will have a range of 40 feet. PodMate will ship this summer for about $30, and while the practicality of the device may be questionable to some, there's no denying its cool factor."
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