Your Opinion: Do you think it best to upgrade to latest OS, or stick w/ original OS version?


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Feb 9, 2019
Hi, so I’m watching a video on YouTube of someone hacking a 2009 iMac with Mojave which it doesn’t official support but it shows the computer working okay. Obviously not super fast by any means but it does work.

I’m in the market for either a MBA 2012 or a MacMini 2012 and was wondering if you guys think these computers would be faster and perform better if they had the latest Mojave, or if they would be optimal if they remained with the OS that they originally shipped with back in 2012?

I fear the planned obsolescence theory soinstwad of pondering this I thought I’d ask the forum. Thank you!


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
The way you've worded your question you leave no middle ground...sort of like choose a number 1 or 10. I don't upgrade until I'm basically forced to by non-system software updates or third-party hardware. Thus, I am running Sierra on a machine that is capable of running Mojave.

What I'd recommend would probably depend on the specs of the particular MBA and Mini you are considering...primarily amount of RAM and type of storage (for the Mini).


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Apr 30, 2008
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Security fixes!

I think it's very important to run a version of macOS that still gets security fixes from Apple, if it's at all possible. Right now that would mean Sierra, High Sierra, or Mojave, I believe. The OSes that came with 2012 models no longer get security patches, I'm pretty sure.

(I'm making the assumption that the machine in question would be used to access the Internet at least some of the time.)


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Feb 20, 2009
If what you buy will run High Sierra, I'd stick with that for now.

HS is a "mature system", fully updated.
Mojave remains "a work in progress". For some, it works, for others, lots of trouble.

I wouldn't bother trying to "hack" a Mac to run an OS beyond its last "official" supported one.
Not worth the trouble to me.
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