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    sorry for the stupid title, but i had no better one. :(

    I'm working on a 15" PB. Sometimes my eyes get tired and wish I could view everything at twice the size.

    Some app's allow you to zoom in (excel, word, photoshop) but all the icons for the tool stay small. Safari allows you to increase the font size but then you loose the formatting of the web pages and images stay small anyway. Changing the screen resolution is a possibility, but tediuos and the screen is less sharp.

    Is there a tool to just double the content of a window twofold (make 4 pixel out of one)?

    thanks for you help,

    andi :confused: :confused:
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    Check out the "Universal Access" options in System Prefs - there's an option for zooming in and out of the screen with keyboard shortcuts.
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    I don't know about doing it on a per-window basis, but you can zoom in the entire screen quickly and easily.

    Open up the Universal Access pane in System Preferences. In the Seeing portion, turn on the zoom ability.

    You'll also want to open up the options and set the Maximum to 2x and the Minimum to 1x. Now, when you press Command-'+', the entire screen will zoom straight to 2x, and Command-'-' will bring you straight back out to fullscreen.

    a.k.a. Arnel

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