View Full Version : iPad screen marks/defects?

Sep 23, 2010, 07:39 AM
I've noticed some strange markings on the screen of the iPad and I'm curious if it's just mine or perhaps common in all iPads. They were there from day 1 but then last nite I noticed another. I can only see these with the iPad off AND under a bright light/sunlight - I really only noticed them by accident when it was at certain angles. Near the top of the LCD I see what appear at first to be tiny scratches - short white lines at a diagional. There are 3 of them on the same side - left, middle and right. They aren't exterior scratches - at least I feel no ridges and they only show at certain angles. I first saw them in sunlight when my iPad was at a certain angle and I just happened to notice.

The other defect looks like a tiny spec of glitter. It never rubs off and of course I only noticed it after I started looking for other defects. I have my iPad in the official Apple case ever since I got it.

Anyone else ever notice these types of things? It's purely cosmetic but of course now that I know they are there it's bugging me. I know it's extremely difficult to have a defect-free iPad - especially the whole dust under the screen issue - but I am curious to see that the norm is (as in out of 10 iPads would 8 have some kind of screen defect like this)?