View Full Version : Movie storage expansion options for ATV2

Feb 19, 2011, 06:19 PM
Hi All, Love this forum section, has some great stuff for those learning about and enjoying the Apple multimedia world.

I have two windows (Vista and Windows 7) notebooks with iTunes home shared and I am running out of disk space to store my movies. I have read this forum for a while about NAS, MacMini, USB drives, another PC etc to expand my storage. Looking to consolidate opinions to suite budget which is to not spend alot.

Option 1: Buy a large USB drive (1TB is enough for a while) and put the movies on it then when I want to watch a movie thats not on a notebook, plug it into my notebook. I would also have to stuff around with iTunes.

Option 2: I have an old XP notebook I could setup on the network but it doesn't have much internal storage. Would need to plug in USB to that.

Option 3: Plug a new USB into my Airport Express but am not sure if it is supported. If so, performance will be questionable.

MacMini sounds like a good option but expensive. Not sure if I want to buy an old Mac either as I have always used Windows. Not sure if I want to buy an old PC as I dont have much space for it.

Summary, USB is good price and will expand for storage requirements but I have big concerns on performance.

Any thoughts?

Feb 19, 2011, 06:32 PM
You cannot do number 3. Only the Extreme and Time Capsule can do that.