View Full Version : Belkin iPod photo download adapter mod

Feb 23, 2005, 07:35 PM
I recently bought the belkin USB to ipod download adapter to dump all the pictures from my digital camera to my ipod. I was very unhappy to find out that I could only dump my 512 meg CF card to the ipod once before the battery went dead.

Because of the poor performace I decided to mod it. I popped open the ipod connector (after much hastle) on the belkin adapter and located pins 20 (12volt +) and pin 30 (ground) so that I could power those to charge the ipod. After much effort and some small wire I was able to get solder a firewire connector to those pins. I plugged it into the ipod power supply and started it up. And what do you know, my ipod now can be powered while I download my photos.

I personally do no know if there is a con to doing this (such as damageing the ipod) but I dont see any reason for it to not be safe, other than the risk of accidentally wrecking your belkin adapter.

Has anyone done this before? Any comments? I hope this may help someone who is struggleing with the same problem that I had.


Feb 23, 2005, 08:11 PM
post pix so we can see what you did

sounds interesting....