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Mar 21, 2005, 04:16 PM
Hi, please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere. I think I've searched this forum pretty thoroughly, but when it comes to Mac hardware, I'm pretty lost and so I may not be searching using the right terminology.

I have an eMac G4 running OS X 10.3.7. The Pioneer DVR-104PD that it came with went kaput. This eMac is past warranty, and so I'm about to replace the drive. Newegg lists a Pioneer DVR-109BK for a reasonable price. xlr8yourmac.com says that the DVR-109 is compatible with Mac as long as I install the latest Patchburn. But where I'm getting lost is with the letter designation following the model number: BK. Does anyone know if that's a mechanical specification, or does it simply relate to the style of the unit? Like, color? It's got a black faceplate, could the BK simply refer to the black faceplate? Should I be cautious about getting this particular model CD/DVD drive for my eMac?

Thanks for your help!

Mar 21, 2005, 04:40 PM
After doing a quick scan of Pioneers website the BK in 109BK stands for black as in the colour of the plastic front.

Click here (http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/product_detail.jsp?product_id=9916&taxonomy_id=43-92) for 109BK version

Click here (http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/product_detail.jsp?product_id=9914&taxonomy_id=43-92) for 109 version