View Full Version : Question about Midi Sequencers on MAC

Aug 8, 2011, 09:26 PM
Donno if this is the right forum but maybe!
My question is, I am a Former PC user who utilized Cakewalk 9 Pro for editing Midis with playback on Vanbasco KAR player (to show Lyrics). I use an external sound module (Roland XV3080). THe System works great but I want to utilize the power of My LOADED mac (ram & HD etc...) to play the same way and edit....etc....and be able to use an external Modile, while still being able to modify things the way Cakewalk 9 was able to. Ive tried Sweet midi player, Qmidi....etc....but the Module Glitches goin thru the USB to the Module (cuts in and out , plays wrong patches). Cakewalk uses Instrument INS (maps) to a load the Rolands Sound bank info which makes it easier to change patches/banks etc... I am looking for a midi program for the MAC the Makes this all possible. I would also like to be able to display Lyrics similar to vanbasco. Anyone else done this with success? What programs????

Does anyone know how I could write a Midi program for MAC that would work Similar to vanbasco.....I would be very willing to spend alot of time writing a great program...I do however have only small experience Programming (C+) on PC....is there resources for writing a Midi based program on a Mac...or is there compilers and decompilers that I could write similar code to create my own KAR/Midi Player editor?

Thanks SO Much!!!!!