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Jun 1, 2005, 06:27 PM
As the title of the thread suggests, my 800Mhz iBook G3's logicboard just died again. This is the FIFTH TIME!!!

So now, my problem is this: should I wait a week or so to call Apple with the hope that new iBooks will be announced at WWDC or soon after?? I will be getting a brand new iBook this time and I want to get anything I can from Apple. I know that anything is an improvement from the current machine and I would me more than happy with a current 12" G4 iBook. I don't want to be greedy but I really feel that after dealing with all the headaches this machine has caused, I really deserve a good upgrade.

So what do you guys and gals think I should do?? Hold off a week and hope for an update or just go ahead and call them today or tomorrow?? I have my Mac Mini and my PC and am out of school for the summer so I do not need the laptop right away.

Another option, I have read on here that several users have managed to get a PowerBook out of Apple or at least an upgrade of RAM or HD. How did you manage this?? If I can do that, I will just get a 12" PowerBook and forget about waiting for an iBook update.

Jun 1, 2005, 06:36 PM
No harm in waiting until after the Stevenote on Tuesday if you won't need the iBook before then.

Jun 1, 2005, 06:48 PM
No harm in waiting until after the Stevenote on Tuesday if you won't need the iBook before then.

Steve's keynote is on Monday at 10 AM Pacific.

Jun 1, 2005, 08:16 PM
Wait until after...
I think your iBook is covered under the logic board repair program
if yes bother apple about it for a week or so with you repair shop and they will send you a new ibook just to get rid of you!

Point out to them that the logic board replacement costs are higher than if they gave you a new functioning computer.
I got my G4 1GHZ iBook that way after my 700MZH G3 died three times...unfortunately it got stolen a month ago...

Jun 1, 2005, 08:37 PM
Just called Apple and they are gonna send me another box. Customer service is closed so I sent a letter to them via e-mail. I put stevejobs@apple.com as a CC as well. I wish he would read this, yeah, right. Like that will happen. Anyway, here's the letter: (Sorry, it's 2.5 pages long!)

To whom it may concern:

My name is Timothy Motta. I am a 20-year-old student at Florida State University. In 2003, I worked all summer to purchase a computer for college. I looked at every laptop that was available at the time and finally decided on purchasing an 800mHz iBook G3. I got every extra I could afford at the time: an AirPort card, some extra RAM and later, my first iPod. When Panther came out, I waited in line at the FSU campus computer store to get my copy the night it came out. I was very happy with my purchase for the first several months until I started having problems with the display. It would work normally and then suddenly have scrambled video and eventually go totally blank. This was in October 2003 and since it was still in the first year that I had the computer, I called Apple Care and they sent me a box to return the iBook to a service center. This fixed the issue.

A few months later while browsing Apple.com, I noticed a replacement notice for any iBook G3 owners: the dreaded logic board replacement program. I thought I was safe, since I had my iBook's logic board replaced a few months earlier. But I was wrong.

In March 2004, I started having the problems again. They started out with just a few random lines on the screen. Then I had an unrelated problem of the CD drive not staying closed. I took the iBook to my local Apple service center at CompUSA in Tallahassee, FL. They told me they would send the computer back to Apple and it would be repaired. I received the iBook back and they told me that while they were fixing it, they noticed the logic board was on its way out so they replaced it. They said I was lucky it happened at the same time.

All was well for a few months. Then in October 2004, I started having the video problems again. I decided to call Apple Care and get it replaced before it went totally dead. I was told this could not be done. Even though there was a known issue that caused the problem I was having, nothing could be done until the computer was totally unusable. Finally about a month later the screen went blank and I was able to get a box sent to have the repair. The logic board was replaced as well as the LCD panel. I was assured that Apple had fixed the problem and this would be the last time I would need to send in the computer. I wish that was true.

In January 2005 I was sitting in class typing notes when all of a sudden, the screen went crazy. I restarted the computer to another blank screen. I left class early and called Apple Care on the way back to my apartment. AGAIN, I was told that I would have to send in my unit for repair. I finally lost it. I am a student, how am I expected to be without my computer in the middle of a term FOR THE FORTH TIME!!! Again, I was told that they had finally gotten a replacement part that would fix the problem. I said this was unacceptable. I didn't care if they sent me another iBook that was a lower model than the one I had, I just needed a reliable computer that would not break every six months. They assured me that if I had the problem again, I would receive a replacement model. I finally agreed to send in the computer and have the repair done. However when I got the computer back, it was in horrible shape. There was a large black scratch on the side of the screen and there were two hairs behind the LCD. When on spring break, I took the computer into the Apple Store inside the Millennia Mall in Orlando. Again, my iBook was shipped out...to have a hair removed from behind the screen. This just seemed a little unprofessional to me. Was a tech so lazy that they could not turn the computer on and make sure everything was all right? Again, I was without my computer for another week. Lucky for me half of that time was spring break and I could live without the computer for those few days.

A few weeks later, I had finally saved enough money and was all ready to buy a brand new PowerBook G4. I had the money in my hand and walked into the Millennia store. Of course, I looked around at all the new products that had been released. I ended up talking to another customer about how much he loved his new Mac Mini. He said it was great and was much better than his PC. He told me that he was in the store one day and was going to purchase a new PowerBook to replace his tangerine clamshell iBook and he realized that he only needed the laptop for Office and going online and that the iBook would still be fine for that so he purchased a Mac Mini. After hearing his story and then talking to an Apple product specialist, I realized that I would be fine with my iBook and purchased an Ultimate Mac Mini (as they called it) with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I gathered enough faith that my iBook was fixed for good and I didn't need to purchase a replacement laptop.

A few more months went by. I purchased an iPod Shuffle. I waited in line for Tiger at the campus computer store. I purchased an external hard drive and a new set of speakers. Life was good. Until June 1, 2005.

Today, I was sending out my usually weekly e-mails to family when I noticed the feared lines running across the screen. I told myself it was nothing, just my eyes playing tricks on me or a weird interference with my cell phone. But then they got worse and eventually, the iBook crashed. I restarted to a dead screen.

I have Apple Care on speed dial on my cell phone. Within five minutes, I was on hold waiting for an Apple Care rep. I know the process very well. After four replacements of the same part, you get to know what the tech is going to ask you. I was put on hold for a product specialist. After 15-20 minutes on hold, my cell phone was disconnected. I received a call a minute later from the rep I had been speaking to and he said he had my dispatch number ready. I was confused, after four repairs, I was still supposed to send the iBook back in for a fifth replacement? After the same explanation from the tech I had received the last four times, I finally just agreed to have him send me a box and told him I would be contacting customer service in the morning.

So here I sit writing this on my Mac Mini with my broken iBook next to me on the desk. I am so upset that this issue has gone on for so long without a correct solution. I believe that with any other product, my iBook would be considered a lemon and I would be entitled to a replacement product of equal value. I believe I have proven myself to be a devoted Apple customer. I am not trying to get something for nothing. I have worked hard for everything I have and am just very upset that your company does not care enough about its customers to do what is right. I have spent over $1500 alone on my iBook for hardware upgrades and software updates, not to mention the time lost while my iBook was in for repairs. And I still have a lemon.

I will say again, I am not trying to get something for nothing. I request that I receive a working computer that is of equal value to what I have spent on a defective product. I am sending this e-mail to any customer service address I can find on Apple.com and will be calling your cooperate customer service number in the morning. I hope this problem can be positively resolved in a timely manner.

Thank you for your time.

Anyone think that will do anything?? It was more of just a letting some anger out letter, prolly won't do anything and will never hear from them. Oh well, I will be calling customer service in the morning and getting the ball rolling.

Jun 1, 2005, 08:49 PM
Anyone think that will do anything?? It was more of just a letting some anger out letter, prolly won't do anything and will never hear from them. Oh well, I will be calling customer service in the morning and getting the ball rolling.
Have faith my friend. I didn't keep hold of my G3 900MHz 12" iBook for more than 8 months. It failed 3 times in that time (I think i have a habit of over-using my machines :p ), and when I demanded they replace it with a G4 12" they offered me a 14" iBook or a 12" PowerBook.

Well, silver's pretty! :D