View Full Version : Belkin Cinema Leather Folio with Stand Review

Apr 18, 2012, 04:53 PM

First off my apologies for the Camera Fail.. after reviewing it, I recognized some parts such as port access were not caught very well on Camera.. also video quality sucks, but since no one made a review of this case yet it might as well be me.

- skin is most likely faux leather, there's a textured part and a smooth part
- hole cut outs are good, most of the switches are easily accessible
- it uses the same type of bumper lay out as Maroo's SP bumper
- auto on/off works on the brown one, not the black one
- if you move the front cover a little bit, it'll trigger the switch
- it uses a magnetic latch to keep the front cover down, you can also bend it backwards.. on the black one its more workable, not so much on the brown one
- you have five different grooves that you could use for cinema/landscape viewing. each groove has 4 lines within them you could use so in a way that's 20 different angles, but even with out the grooves, the stand holds pretty firmly in its position
- you can place the angle all the way down to the edge for a good typing angle
- you can also fold the cover back and hook it under the the back tab for another typing and and viewing angle
- if you don't want the interior exposed to the surface, you can bend the front cover inwards, under the ipad and get another typing angle
- quality varies as there's some differences between the black and brown version
- it is a little bit thicker and heavier than some other folios I've used
- its pricey

Some things I forgot to mention on the video review:
- auto on/off didn't work on the black one yet when holding it in book mode, the magnets on the black one held the cover better than the brown one
- at least with the black one, scuffing and scratches show up very easily on the skin, especially the smooth part.