View Full Version : [Resolved] Receive iMessages sent to phone numbers?

Sep 23, 2012, 06:28 AM
Saw in the newest mountain lion update that we're supposed to be able to receive iMessages that were sent to our phone number. But I can't seem to find that option available, anyone know how to enable it?

Sep 23, 2012, 06:29 AM
I enabled it by simply updating to iOS 6, and logging in to iMessage (and FaceTime). After that it showed a notification on my mac if I wanted to enable it.

Sep 23, 2012, 06:30 AM
The message app within ML does this. Just set up your appleid and I think phone number within the app

Sep 23, 2012, 06:48 AM
ah, ok thanks! realised i had to log out and re-log in again to iMessage, and then the phone number shows up!