View Full Version : Ahhh I need help! This is annoying and I need space on my labtop

Feb 19, 2013, 10:19 AM
How do you disable Mac from saving every single face on a photo as a seperate file because its taking up room on my labtop? Also, it keeps saying I'm running out of space. I'll go through iphoto and delete pics and then also in finder. When I go to finder it says I have over 10,000 photos. I just deleted 300 from finder and also deleted it from the trash. It then said I have 9,700 pics left. So I restarted my computer and when I go to finder it goes back to having 10,000 pics! It's like I never deleted them! I need to figure out how to get more space and get this off because I'm a photographer and need the space. I've done dropbox which is great but I just need to figure out how to get these photos off my computer.


Feb 19, 2013, 11:26 AM
Its a laptop, not labtop.

If your photos are on a photostream or dropbox folder perhaps its re-downloading them. My recommendation is to stop using iphoto if you are a photographer. Organize your photos on an external drive and stop keeping any of them on your laptop.

Feb 19, 2013, 12:12 PM
never never never use iPhoto. Ditto Aperture. If you are a photographer, you should be using a professional photo editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop.

I am a photographer.