View Full Version : Is Halle Berry... an alien??

Dec 11, 2002, 05:38 PM
Yesterday, after many months of having a Jaguar disk that didn't work (and that Apple refused replace) I finally got a working copy. I backed up all my stuff, then booted from the CD.

I used the Disk Utility to ERASE THE HARD DRIVE AND REFORMAT. So everything was gone. Then I clicked 'install'.

After it installed, I restarted, and it was all perfect. It really flies.
Then I realised that I'd forgotten to back up the Desktop Patterns part of the Library, which it annoying, because I'd just got a whole lot of Halle Berry desktops and was enjoying them. But what the hell - you always lose something.

So this morning, I thought I'd go looking for some new desktops, downloaded a few from www.pixelgirlpresents.com (great site) and went to put them on my desktop. When I did that, I discovered that there is STILL a folder called 'Halle!' in the desktop picture folders - even though there are no pix, and doing a search on my drive for the word 'Halle' doesn't reveal anything (except for 'Hallelujiah.mp3!)

How did this happen!!?? I ERASED THE DRIVE. EVERYTHING! I simply do not understand how there can still be a Halle folder. It's gone.

Is Halle Berry.... an alien?

Dec 11, 2002, 05:47 PM
you have to reboot after you format...then install. otherwise it doesnt work properly. in fact i would recommend you do so the right way this time, because i did this too and my jaguar took about 3 weeks and then it was dogslow.