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Nov 16, 2005, 05:41 AM
Hello I'm new in the Mac World, I've been wanting an Apple computer since I was 10 years old, so that's a 15 years wait!! hahah:)

The story is as follows... a year ago exactly on Oct/28/04 I went to Best Buy in Pentagon City and bought an Ipod Mini that had only a week old from been released... So I started using in it.. and after a year I went back to D.C. for working issues, so I asked for and found an apple Retail store in Bethesda.. :rolleyes:

Went there and spent from 16;00 until 17;40 to decide whether I'll buy or not a computer... I wanted a Powerbook but since my budget wouldn't allow me and since I wanted to To start crawling before running and flying... I decided to buy a 12” iBook. I got the normal one with 512mb ram, 40 gb HD and all that you guys know… I bought it on Oct/30/05 as you can see a year exactly after I became a Mac user LOL !!! =) =) =):D :D

Now here is the question… I´ve read in some posts here and I´ve seen in my computer a bunch of stuff that comes with it that I don´t want and I won´t use, for example that Nanosaur game…
Could someone point me out what other junk stuff they put in on the original setting of the iBook so I can get rid of them and free some space in my HD? And also please tell me how to do it with out harming my computer…:confused:

Is just that I had an unfortunate computer start by using Fu#$%@ PC and Wind”$##•$”•%!•”%%!”$ows for the last 8 years.. so I´m all into that uninstall and yada yada thing that if you don’t do it right it will make things worst… :eek: :confused:

Thanks a MILLION!!!;)

Ps. Can anybody tell me a good web site to buy stuffs for iBooks, like cases, memory, HD and all the cool stuff??? I’ve already have an usb wireless mouse… (and is Microsoft eheheh sorry I just need the second button)

Ps. 2 I'm from Asuncion Paraguay South America!!! :p

Nov 16, 2005, 05:44 AM
Yeah, you can delete whatever program that was installed by just moving it to the trash. No harm done. Just don't delete your utility programs. :)

I got rid of Nanosaur, some of the financial programs and omnigraphics (?).

US web retailers include crucial.com and newegg.com, or from the Apple store. :D

Congrats from Paraguay!