View Full Version : Can I compress iMOVIE file that's more than 2 hours for iDVD burn?

Sep 29, 2006, 07:10 PM
G'day All,
My first post and you guys sound really smart, so here goes...
I have an iMOVIE project that is 2 hours 15 mins long. I want to burn using iDVD, but it needs to be less than 2 hours to fit on one single layer DVD. Any way I can further compress ??? It's just TV programming off Tivo (not treasured family history footage) so I don't mind losing quality to make to all fit on one.
Can you guys help me ??? :D

Sep 30, 2006, 12:01 AM
Have you tried importing to iDVD? I'm trying to remember the longest video I've imported and burned on SL media, and I think it was the 2006 Tony Awards. The program was 2:09. The menu is static, but it all fit on a single-layer DVD (4.15GB).

Oct 1, 2006, 01:38 AM
Hey Technopagan.... Thanks for advice but unfortunately it didn't work. I exported to iDVD from iMOVIE menu and ignored the warning that my project was too long. I changed menus to 'non-moving ones' and didn't have any chapters at all. Still when I pressed the burn icon, I got the warning again saying "Your project exceeds the maximum allowed content duration. You will not be able to burn your DVD".
Any other ideas, perhap another program I can use to shrink it before going to iDVD.
I really appreciate yout time. Thanx :)

Oct 1, 2006, 03:32 AM
Visual Hub at techspansion.com is your friend. It's worth the $20.

It can encode nearly ANYTHING.

Oct 1, 2006, 01:42 PM
Mess w/ the best quality and Best Preformance Settings in iDVD see... if not.... go w/ above post