View Full Version : Macbook screen anomaly (grateful for answers)

Apr 24, 2007, 10:42 AM
Hello everyone!

It's too bad that my first post in these forums after lurking for quite some time would have to be a worried one.

I got myself a Macbook in January, and I absolutely love it! It works better than any other computer I've ever been using, including my home-built one, which have had more near-death experiences than I would like to tell.

I've already had my Macbook in for service once because of a bunch of dead pixels, and I've been looking for a good time to send her away for the mysterious disappearance of Bluetooth functionality since it came back.

Anyway, on to what I would like to ask you about. I noticed just a couple of hours ago that a small, but not negligible part(about the size of a horizontal fingerprint) of the screen close to the right corner of my dock has started acting quite strange. When looking at it from about a 30 cm distance(Edit: Now visible at normal viewing distance), it looks as if there are lines going down that part of the screen in rapid succession(edit: I think they can be called ripples ^^; ). Perhaps I should also mention that the visibility varies depending on screen brightness and background color. I can imagine that's something that could be seen if there's something wrong with the refresh-rate or if the monitor is old, neither of which would be a likely explanation in this case. I am glad that the computer is malfunctioning while it's still young, but I'd really prefer if it didn't. I can also imagine that this is the kind of problem that would just be brushed aside by the technician, which doesn't make the whole thing easier.

I would be most grateful for some educated opinions on this matter, since I have no idea myself whether it is likely that it'll go away, or if I should hope for it to get worse in order to get a replacement.

Thanks in advance!